Why Does Shaken Soda Explode?

It is not avoidable to move around with soda bottles or cans in shopping bags or fall down on their side and roll on the floor or ground. It may be funny for a prankster to see a prankster to see a soda bottle or can explode in someone’s face. Its safer to put it in your wine fridge and not open the bottle or can during these times or else the exploding foam can make a person wet. The question still arises that why the soda explode when shaken.

Carbon Dioxide in soda

Carbonated soda is actually water that contains dissolved carbon dioxide gas. During its processing, the bottlers pressurize the bottle before filling it with carbonated soda. Bottle has pressurized volume of air inside which is twice as much as the air outside the bottle. As a result, the gas present in the bottle continuously moves from the bubbles escaping the liquid to gas particles that stick against the inside surface of the bottle and they move back again in the soda.

Soda Explodes Why Does Shaken Soda Explode?

The gas molecules ultimately achieve a state of equilibrium after boiling and later when left untouched in the fridge or on the shelf. As the bottle is in a resting position, the pressure will be the same and no bubbles can be formed.

The pressure does not increase

It is generally thought that the pressure inside the bottle increases when it is shaken that causes the soda to explode, but it is not true. Something else can also cause the eruption of the foam. Little whirlpools are created inside the bottle when shaken. The pressure is lesser towards the center of the soda whirlpool than the surrounding soda pressure, this is the reason for the bubbles to develop.

When the bottle is started uncapping, bubbles will form the whirlpool eddies that are created from shaking. The pressure will drop if the cap is taken off. The microscopic bubbles have pressure which is roughly twice than the surrounding liquid’s pressure. Therefore the tiny bubbles explode.

The air inside is released as the bubbles explode. More gas particles than liquid particles exist in the bottle. They have no way to escape but go up and when they push to get out, the liquid is pushed along with them and the soda explodes.

How not to get wet

It is easy to open a bottle. I t does not matter of it has been shaken accidently or by worthless pranksters while being carried from store to home. All which has to be done is to release the gas by slowly opening the bottle cap. When the hiss lessens then it will be safe to remove the cap completely.

In the case of soda that has been shaken or moved, the side of the can should be snapped with the fingers to make the bubbles settle first before pulling the cap from the bottle. The opening of the can must be facing away from the face while doing this.

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