Why Does Osama Bin Laden Hate America

We cannot say with credibility as to why Osama Bin Laden nurtures a great hatred against Americans. However, whatever the justifications are supposed right there, other likely anti-American groups are also propounding the same contentions while airing their sentiments.

US Presence in the Middle East

One of the most aired complaint / reservation attributed with him turn against is the US military presence in the Arabian Peninsula. Particularly, he got infuriated by the moment the United States installed its bases in the holy land of the Muslim, Saudi Arabia. To him American presence in the holy land is a blasphemous act.

Osama Bin Laden Why Does Osama Bin Laden Hate America

The Saudi Royal family permitted Americans to land out there in Saudi Arabia, to the extreme dismay of Mr. Laden. Osama Bin Laden had been quite vocal against this decision of the Saudi Royal family to let Americans to land in the country. Since then he has gone at odds against both the Saudi regime and the Americans already.

Pro-Israeli Policy of the U.S.

Another reason of the Bin laden’s hatred against the United States is its partisan favor of the unjustified Israeli stance over the Arab territory. Many Arabs, like Osama Bin Laden, share the common view that the United States is a biased peace negotiator.

They are of the opinion that the United States approves all the military usurpations of Israel whether covered by international law or not against the Palestinians. To Osama American presence in Gulf was like bee in his bonnet; on top of that Israeli occupations and the American support of the Jews in the region have further worsened the situation.

Because the US is capitalist

According to some views, one of the root causes of the hatred Bin Laden attaches with the United States is its capitalist outlook. Votaries of Osama also believe that the United States is bent over stripping off the Arabian countries of their oil wealth in a very systematic manner.

They further claim that the United States uses its military and economic might without regarding United Nations resolutions to exploit and influence leaders of the third world to serve its political end to maintain its status of super power in the current backdrop of the new world order.


Bin Laden and his votaries also indict on the United States that the United States in order to serve its motives maneuvers to institute puppet governments over countries where it has military occupation formerly.

They also accuse the United States to topple the governments who turn against it. This belief is in consonance with the other referring to the Jewish-American conspiracy to undermine Islam and command control over the resources of the Muslim world.

Other factors as to why Bin Laden hates America may also be there. As long as all these factors operate the issue of terrorism and insurgency is not going to be quelled very soon. This shows that the political situation in the Middle East is not improving soon.

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