Why Does My Nose Run?

A running nose in not a sign of good health. There is no reason acceptable for that. It is not a fever and every start of disease is announced by a running rose. A tragic event, film or story can also give a running nose.

What is in the nose?

The inside of the nose consists of sensitive tissues and membrane. It also has mucus which does not need any explaining to do for many obvious reasons. The nose and sinuses make lots of snots on a daily basis. While mucus does not do anything good except giving a snotty feeling, it keeps the lungs safe from germs, dirt and bacteria. The snot stops them as they enter the track inside the nose.

Nose Running Why Does My Nose Run?

Causes for runny nose

As we know that nose does a good job when it is runny, it is not a cause of worry while having it once in a while. Some of the common causes of runny nose are:

1- Cold and flu: The nose turns into a mucus machine during flu for keeping the germs away from the respiratory track. The respiratory track is factually wide open for bacteria without snot. While it seems encouraging while blowing nose but keeping it clean of mucus will be more harmful than any good. Online pharmacies, like the Canadian Pharmacy, might have the necessary medications to help you fight against cold and flu.

2- Crying: This is a result of tears coming out from the tear glands under the eyelids. They then flow into the tear ducts that flow to the nose. When mucus mixes with tears, the nose starts running. This mixing happens in the inside and not outside.

3- When it’s cold outside: The nose can be imagined as a body thermometer. It tries to keep the body warm as it tries to warm the cold air around during breathing. The nose does that that’s why the air that goes into the lungs gets warm. There are few blood vessels in the nostrils that cause that. When the blood flows inside these vessels gets overboard leading to much mucus and the nose starts to drip.

4- Allergies: It is common in people who are allergic to things with dust and fur. They will start sneezing right away then the inevitable follows. Its not of the reason that those funny things are bad the body system of those people treat those things as if they are dirty.

How to avoid a running nose

A running nose happens every time when a person catches a flu or fever and it is almost inescapable.

1- Taking decongestants: It is a useful way of stopping the running nose feeling and saving one from embarrassment. Although every decongestant may not work well for the nose. A suitable brand should be chosen wisely.

2- Often blowing your nose: Blowing the nose is much easier then taking decongestants. Although it cannot be done often in public. Blowing the nose often is not suitable and it will get irritated, it can also give a runny nose and swollen nostrils to a person at the same time.

3- Staying in the warm room: Staying in a warm room means that the nose does not have to exert a lot of effort in making the air warm around. One can notice that breathing is better in warm room rather than outside in the cold.

When the nose itches, it should be scratched but when it is running it can’t be chased. The nose just knows just when to stop.

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