Why Does My Nail Polish Bubble?

Women treat their nails like their hair. Nails and fingers can literally and figuratively make or break a lady’s hand. A slight lump on their nail can make them upset just like a bubbly nail polish.

Reasons why nail polish bubbles

There are pretty few and obvious reasons for the bubbling of nail polish but how to get nail polishing right is a big debate for almost all fashion masters.

nailpolish Why Does My Nail Polish Bubble?

1- Shaking the bottle before polishing nails: Many nail stylists shake the nail polish bottle before applying it. It can be well imagined that air bubbles start developing inside the bottle. More seep in when it is opened. Instead, the bottle should be turned upside down and rolled over on a flat surface or on the palm.

2- Doing a very think application: If the nail polish is spread too thick, it picks up bubbles very quickly. One ends up scooping up air particles with every thick spread.

3- Using nail polish inside a hot room: When the temperature is high, air particles will spread out far and wide absorbing naturally into the nail polish. The heat expands the molecules of the nail polish opening them to the air.

4- Coating before drying: The first coating should be dried up first before applying the next one. This is not like making a peanut butter sandwich. Giving time for the first coat to dry will leave no space for the air.

How to apply nail polish without bubbles

One can apply nail polish with ease and there is no need of going to the nail stylist. The nail polish can be applied by doing these;

  • Roll the nail polish bottle forward and backward with the cap left on,
  • A thin undercoat should be applied which would make the varnish stick stronger.
  • A top coat should be added when the undercoat dries up completely.
  • The load of the brush should be thin for making it easy for stroking.
  • The last coating must not be blown up and it should be left to dry at room temperature.
  • Nails must not be used for opening plastic containers

Many women change their nail colors after every ten days depending on their mood. If the polish has to be changed, then the varnish should be completely removed before applying a new layer.

The coats should be kept as thin as possible, three thin coats are better than two. One should make sure of not sitting in a draft when applying the polish. The polish should not be worked on too much.  Fewer brush strokes will be better. This might mean getting polish on your cuticles but one can clean that up after with a nail polish remover and a cuticle stick wrapped in cotton but nothing can be done about bubbles. If one is only using an OPI than a different brand should be tried. The older Revlons bubbles but the newer ones don’t. One can have better luck with a different brand. It is possible that the reformulated OPIs are hit or miss. One can also try a different base coat.

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