Why Does My Internet Connection Keep on Freezing

Very often you encounter people complaining about dead slow working of their internet connection. A great number has little knowledge about network connectivity; even they can’t surmise whether or not an internet connection is properly configured on their system or whether or not their system is supportive of a prospective connection. But the most widely received complaint by vendors is that of complete freezer.

Main causes of an unlikely freeze

1. Corrupted registry

A PC’s registry system has record of every piece of setting. What ever the programs are installed and accessed, their detailed ‘log’ information is stored in the registry. We receive Windows error prompts when following elements of operating system get mal-functioned:

  • Registry keys
  • Settings
  • Classes.

If you want to get rid of unwanted internet connection freezes, you should prevent your registry from over pouring. This can be resolved by freeing registry of your PC of unnecessary data on regular basis. If you can’t do it manually, employ a registry cleaning software device.

Internet Connection Why Does My Internet Connection Keep on Freezing

Function of a PC’s Registry:

  • In order to know the status of a PC’s hardware and software, windows access system’s registry that contains all the related information about kind and configuration of its different components.
  • It is the registry that guides windows how to run different applications and where to find / access to different files.
  • Sometime the pieces of information contained in a PC’s registry are corrupted. This baffles the windows and it gets stuck at a certain point, freezing the entire system then and there of which an internet connection may be a part.

When your PC is passing through a freeze, consider it done that the above mentioned factors are impeding its performance — arrange to sift out your registry but with a little caution: lest you should loose useful / required / vital information as well.

2. Over Buffering

An internet connection may encounter and unexpected halt because of the lack of the fraction of memory (RAM) available to a particular application being accessed. This kind of pause is technically referred to as a ‘Index.dat’.

Some times the processor of the PC takes much time to read a point where the registry offers a very stuffed range of entries: imagine a fine point containing all the log information of the websites you have been browsing a couple of hours before, esp. for a PC with limited memory it is really much demanding to keep pace with.

If the issue is not resolved through manual troubleshooting, final panacea lies in formatting and reinstallation of windows which is indeed cumbersome and time taking — cannot be afforded every now and then. However, if despite of and upgraded PC the problem demands a fresh install, don’t forget to take a backup of all the important data on a separate CD / DVD before you proceed on.

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