Why Does My Hair Turn Gray?

It has been often noticed that people try to cover their gray hair by dyeing it. Or one can wonder why a grand dad has silver hair when in old picture it used to be black or gray. The hair turning gray or silver is natural part of getting older. Here are the reasons.
Each hair on the head is made up of two parts:

Shaft the colored part growing out of the head.

Root the bottom part which holds the hair under the scalp of the head.

Gray Hair Why Does My Hair Turn Gray?

A tube of tissue under the skin surrounds the root of every strand of hair, it is called the hair follicle. They each contain pigment cells which continuously produce a chemical called melanin. This gives color to the growing shaft which can be black, blown or blonde.

Melanin also makes the color of the skin fair or dark. It also determines whether a person will burn or tan in the sun. The intensity of the hair color depends on the quantity of melanin in each hair.

When a person gets older, the pigment cells in the hair follicles gradually start to die. When fewer pigment cells will be left in a hair follicle the strand will not contain too much melanin and the color will become transparent like gray, white or silver. As people continue to grow older, there will be few pigment cells to produce melanin. Ultimately the hair will give a gray look.

People can also get gray hair at any stage. Some people can get gray hair at a young age and some can get in their 30s or 40s. Genes determines how early a person gets gray hair.

Gray hair can be noticed more in people with darker hair because it stands out. Although people with light natural hair are just likely to turn gray. When a person notices a gray hair, it will take more than ten years for all the hair to turn grey.

Some people think that hair can turn grey because of some big shock or trauma but scientists don’t believe this point of view.

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