Why Does My Ear Ring

When you get out of water, one or both of your ears ring. This does not persist long. After sometime you shrug your ears and move forward. But the ringing doesn’t disappear rather it gets louder and louder which shouldn’t last longer than 30 days for a normal year.

Common Causes:

There are many complications that cause ear ringing. These complications can best be explained by an audiologist. Following causes are described as a means to conserve personal hygiene and safety from a permanent loss:

1. Tinnitus

Ear infection is the primary cause of damaging your eardrums and the related nerves. The root causes of an ordinary infection may be:

  • Excessive noise,
  • Water,
  • Ear-cleaning buds,
  • Insect bites.

Ear Why Does My Ear Ring

The infection on the whole, referred to as “Tinnitus”, is normally cured on itself. However, to get a speedy relieve you may take Vitamin C pills or diets full of the vitamin. Certain dairy edibles cause tinnitus. It has been observed in a number of light cases that if you avert your attention, provided there is no ear infection, tinnitus relieves you.

2. Tinnitus cause due to toothaches.

Potential tooth decay inflicts unbearable pain the effects of which are told upon our ears that experience a sort of deafening sensation. Tinnitus arising out of toothache is very dangerous as it can result in complete loss of hearing. If this conditions holds for any length of time, make sure that your eardrums are defective and need replacement surgery. A prolonged tinnitus may usher in following symptoms: -

  • Build up of earwax;
  • Headaches;
  • A swollen acoustic nerve inside the ear.

3. Ageing process:

The ringing in one’s ear foreshadows an ageing process. Normally when people are going through their late 60s, they complain to have heard eccentric sound pattern from within their ears. If it is an outcome of some hereditary disease, then you can’t help it cease or cure effectively.

Here, it won’t be inappropriate to acknowledge scientific innovations, hearing aids for example, that have provided us with smart nano-technological assistance — these chips can restore us our lost hearing as if we were a teenager. You can read this article with great explanation by Almond Hearing about the different types of hearing aids.

4. Exposure to increased noise.

Exposure to high ranges of sound volume is nothing unusual. In pubs and clubs there is a common tendency to play music in highly louder tones to rock the dancers there so much so that your hair stand erect.  To prevent permanent damage the experts from hearing aids staten island suggests that the remedy lies in keeping a distance from the emitting source or the zone of high intensity or simply by putting up with it for a while.

5. Medicine related.

When you are following a medical prescription and some how receive a high doze, do expect a bit of ringing. However, check here if grudgingly you are overdose, forget about any hearing at all. This is the worst that you should foresee prior to blindly follow a medical prescription for mostly people go with medication without consulting a physician.

6. Infection of ears.

Sometimes you clean your ear more roughly than usual, the resulting abrasion may meddle with a sensitive nerve’s working as it may get infected / swollen. Now your ear tissues in response to this swelling / abrasion get stiff and resultantly you hear a buzzing or ringing sound felt as if arising out of it.

Treatment of Tinnitus:

Normally a tinnitus does not exceed 30 days, so you don’t have to worry much. No frequent touching, itching / abrading or poking. A zinc and iron based diet will help alleviate soon. You may try a couple of ear-drops sometimes in day and night but not in excessive quantities.

Do smaller ears ring louder? This needs to be researched, as the notion seems to have some worth in it. Ponder over it!

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