Why Does My Dog Whine

Dog whining should not be attributed with an alcoholic intake. It should rather be interpreted in an emotional context. Now the question as to why do they exhibit this kind of behavior. They do this because they want to convey their intention to other beings around, may be humans or dogs. Following is the detailed account how and why a dog whines.

Common causes of dog whining



sensitive creature as the dog is, it can easily fall prey to the smallest moment of irritation. Some of the common factors of annoyance are:

  • Gloom:

Puppies can sustain sadness while they are parted off their family’s old members, especially their mother. In such a situation you should expect a dog do whining. Whining is actually interpreted as a call that invites our attention to the sadder aspect of a dog’s life such as gloom arising from loneliness or physical suffering if any.

Dog Whining Why Does My Dog Whine

  • Appetite:

A whining may arise out of sheer hunger.  It is important to note that your presence while your dog feeds is worthier for your pet than mere food serving while you leave the occasion. Your presence constitutes a warm treatment to be dispensed right there for your pet. This can be assessed by the way it licks and yelps at your feet besides the food.

Notice, the whining so made is certainly not arising out of pain or affliction rather it is something out of robust pleasure it is receiving from the spectacle and the taste as well. The whining so caused is also an expression of satiety.

  • Animate Needs:

Just like a human kid, a dog may whine to require something from its owner. Say your dog has been given to date what ever it craved for and now all of a sudden you turn a deaf ear to the advances it makes toward you for its demands, he may seriously take this feel of rejection and emerge whining.

The more you delay to assume the former course the sadder it grows. At this juncture, your pet needs a great deal of your attention if you could surmise it from its whining.

  • Seeking attention:

You can witness a swift mood change the moment you begin to dole out with your dog for a little while. It would never tire up ending the play itself. It would always want it there


and more, most probably for a greater part of the day.

However, there are some human needs and constraints as well and you are not all the times in a position to attach with it like that.

At this point of time an animal may turn out to be a little ungrateful and may assume whining to keep you posted in. Accordingly you happen to reappear and it tends to assume the playful stance once more and may whine again but with a different tone this time.

  • Before pooping:

Some dogs have been trained to operate toilet who may whine by the time they feel like defecating and the toilet may not be available to them. In a great number of instances before a dog proceeds with whining, it reacts so as to go taking rounds about you and may twig your leg gently to get your consideration to what he is feeling.

How to prevent your dog from whining

If the whining is not arising as a result of some serious happening, you can do away with it by adhering with these steps:

  • Understand the tone of whining:

Being an owner of your dog you happen to remain posted with it most of the time round the clock so you are the foremost person who could have first hand knowledge of how your dog feels about.

You have been with it while it was a little puppy so this makes you to best ascertain what pattern of whining is to be interpreted in which context and why. You know that there are many layers to a whine, depending on the cause. So listen and get clued in.

  • Play hard to the satisfaction of your pet:

When you find your dog is whining to exploit your affection, do not just blindly yield to it all the times; however a downright repel would also not constitute a good trainer’s stance. On the whole you’ll have to stick to a moderate pace.

Still if he is found adamant to his insistence on his own ways to manipulate you, you can go a little stern and reject his unruliness and tame him really harder this time with an indifferent attitude, for you can’t afford all that!

  • Instill in him some gestures to set limits:

An efficient dog ought to be taught a couple of gestures with the help of a hand to put him under your control when you have had enough of them. However, do reward his compliance with healthy dog food charlotte and remain consistent with the limits set to put a check over his whims.

You needn’t go to vets unless the behavior of whining displayed by your dog is predictable; however, if you find it shaking at pathological border or liable to diagnosis you may take it up with your trusted vet. In the end, simply, be vigilant not to let it happen a long drawn bout of whining.

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