Why Does My Dog Shiver

A usual shake appearing on your dog as after taking a little bath shouldn’t much bother you. For you know its direct way of shedding off heat for the poor creature can’t sweat. However, it would definitely bother you if hours later on, shivering does not mitigate. Your concerns even multiply by the moment you find your dog shaking and whining at the same time broadcasting restlessness. According to some Pet Psychic Mediums who are able to communicate with living dogs, this is a clear sign your dog is suffering from some serious disease.

Shivering without an obvious reason is the testimony that your dog is ill. This can be evidence from the fact that a wounded dog would shiver.  However, the veneers are sometimes deceptive and you find it really difficult to fix.  May be there is something wrong with the internal immune system of your pet. Keep that in mind!

Dog Shiver Why Does My Dog Shiver

Cause of Dog shivering / trembling:

Internal stimuli in response to external factors generate shivering in dogs. Some of the internal stimuli are listed below:

1. Hypoglycemia:

Experts say that a number of pet owners are not aware of the fact that their pet has been suffering from hypoglycemia, a disease caused because of low levels of sugar in blood. No doubt you feed your dog how much sufficiently; you may be quite ignorant of low blood sugar levels. This is mainly because there are no extra fats stored that could convert into glucose to make up the demand of body. Incongruities in metabolism, difficult to be monitored by a lay person, lead to the so-called low levels.  Extraordinary vomiting may be also a cause of drastic sugar lost.

The deficiency can be made up by giving sugar in supplements such as, feeds based on sweets, honey or syrups prepared for this purpose.

2. Fever:

When suffering from a high degree of fever, your pet dog shivers naturally. Normally the temperature of your pet is between 100.5 – 102.5o F. When it suffers a viral infection, chills overwhelm it. You will be quite familiar with this feeling as you go through the same experience when suffering from fever.

3. Fear and anxiety:

A dog may shiver out of fear and anxiety resulting from unbearable emotional stress. Trembling is the reaction in response to internal stimuli realized. Remember that the dog is a very sensitive animal and is quite conscious of what is going around, particularly any change with regard to you as its owner.  For example, a dog displays a quite responsive attitude to your mood fluctuations and happens to receive the impact of your feelings, so they feel the same way as you. A range of factors can induce anxiety in your pet, such as, astounding sounds, bullying dogs, noise, aliens, and weird animals.

In addition to shivering, a dog may become rigid (with legs stretched) at times and start whining, usually accompanied by howling, followed by fits of light barking.

4. Seizures:

If your dog has been unleashed and it returns home with bad symptoms, you may not know what occurred to it out there beyond your house. May be he returns to you with swelling fore brow. This may be a sign of potential head injury or a nervous malfunctioning, whatever is the internal situation, and your pet is going to shiver it out. Shivering of a swollen head often involves high fever. Having eaten toxic materials, your dog can be victimized by an unlikely seizure. A disease known as “Lyme” may also cause same kind of shivering in dogs.

5. Shock:

Dogs are prone to shock by events that could jeopardize their life. Dogs are highly traumatized by the prospects of fighting with other matches. A near car accident could harass them for a longer period. When such a situation occurs you can witness its paws and ears turning cold.  It casts plane blank looks at your wall and is incapable of moving about. You could detect its pulse rate plummeting.  Shivering here turns out to be a consequential symptom, and in some acute cases, an imminent death.

If you really want to serve and cater for your cherished pet, don’t go bizarre with your body language that he gets perturbed on every novel move! Or if you can’t manage it at all, do consult a vet.

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