Why Does My Dog Scratch

The predominant cause of a dog’s scratch is the normal itch. Among hundreds of causes of scratching, itching is the one only. It shouldn’t much bother you; rather look out for the factors behind it.

Causes of dog itching:

The under mentioned account elaborate how some parasites make hell of the peaceful life of your pet:

  • Surrounding environment:

If the pet is used to abrade against the ground, wall or trees in a playful manner, it is likely to catch feverish scratching. Certain coarse surfaces often increase the urge to itching and the dog emerges to be of a more scratching sort. This ruins its peaceful state of mind and it remains uneasy.

Dog Scratching Why Does My Dog Scratch

  • Allergy:

The inability of your pet to adapt to its immediate external environment constituted by wind, carpets, tapestry or the furniture around may result in a range of allergies. However, it can be treated by administering a dose of antihistamines as in humans’ case.

It is very common even in humans that if a part of body covered with wet fur is subjected to itching, it develops skin sores and the urge to itching increases considerably. Same is the case with the skin of a dog.

  • Fleas and Mites:

Being 3mm in size a fleet of fleas is quite visible over the hairy skin of your dog, as their flock appears to be black dots. As they can jump without having wings as far as 33 cm (13 inch) across, they keep their locomotion from one being to another.

Another parasite is a mite that clings against the skin instead of hair, so its detection is very difficult unless it makes its presence known by the resulting rashes and red marks in the skin of the host dog.

An unhealthy dog is vulnerable to germs (bacterial) attack whose reaction may appear in the skin. Passive dogs are exposed to contract yeast’s infection and the consequences are a rough and stinky smelling skin.

  • Nature of Diet:

If you want to prevent your dog from different kinds of skin allergies, give it a meat-based food. This will keep its skin smooth. Most of the domestic dog would, however, not like to take fish. Beware of the reaction of commercial dog foods; sometimes they are of poor quality and result may be allergic.

Remedies to mitigate scratching urge in your dog:

If the itching has not worsened, let’s give a try if it is curable:

  • Bathe it with dog shampoo:

Now-a-days dog’s anti bacterial shampoos are available in the market. Do try them. The itching, arising out of Epsom salt or oatmeal, will be cured. Just do gentle patting with the help of towel, don’t compress it against skin. Avoid drying using dryer (machine) for drying skin with it will again infect it with allergy as hot air does it.

  • Bathe with moderately cold water:

Always avoid hot water to bathe your pet. If grudgingly a dog is made wet with warm / hot water, it is likely to develop scratching.

  • Use of oil and fatty acid supplements:

Oiling prevents a skin from drying or scratching. Pet oils are available in the market. In addition to oiling, a regular intake of fatty acids as supplement pills will be extremely beneficial and speed up recovering itching.

A certain form of scratch is peculiar to bitches. But whatever may be the case, never attempt to scratch your pet’s skin; this will only worsen the infection.

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