Why Does My Dog Pant

Every dog pants. The spectacle of some dogs panting looks delightful. While panting they seldom bark / sniff. Panting is a very obviously associated natural phenomenon in higher mammals. But sometimes certain phases / modes of your dog’s panting may upset you at the onset. If you ever happen to find your dog pant unusually, it is time to pay attention.

Causes of Panting:

Following may be probable causes:

Panting beyond normal as after exertion may be an indication that your dog suffers a lung infection. If not cured at earliest stage, it may aggravate and lead to a probable hearts disease later. This means low levels of blood supply to body. So to coup with this dilemma the poor creature has to breathe excessively to fulfill the deficiency of oxygen supply to body.

Dog Panting Why Does My Dog Pant

  • Anemia:

Anemia is another cause of panting. If your dog gets anemic, don’t make it do rush jobs rather let it sleep as much as it can. Anemia results due to lack of red blood cells or dearth of hemoglobin content over RBCs. In either case your heart has to stand excessive load. This results in over breathing or panting.

  • Temperature Regulation:

It is an astonishing fact that unlike other mammals perspiration does not take place in dogs. So body temperature regulation is a bit difficult task for a dog as compared to sweating mammals.

When panting, a dog sometimes extends its long wet tongue out to let evaporation take place vis-à-vis exhaling hot stream of air that in turn creates cooling effect thereby lowering the temperature of body. Breathing rapidly makes up rest of the oxygen deficiency factor. So there is some extra burden on lungs most of the times.

  • Anxiety:

Naturally a dog is a sensitive being and based on that an alert animal – click here now for more information. This makes him quite concerned over what happens in the surrounding. Any out of routine noise or abrupt movement nearby may turn him concerned or even panic. Normally dog’s panting goes on and off, however it worsens in prolonged periods of drought when there is lack of moisture in air.

Ways to lessen you dog’s panting:

You cannot eliminate this natural phenomenon by any means, however, it can be controlled to some appreciable limits: -

  • Protect your dog from direct exposure to the sun:

Your dog is prone to join any pack encountered any time in the vicinity. This way chance of exposure to direct sunlight increases and the dog begins to pant more. Try to restrict your dog in a cool place under the shade in your house or better in its enclosure if there is extreme heat out side.

  • Make water easily available to the dog:

Make plenty of clean water available to your dog within an easy access round the clock. Whether your pet likes it or not, do put pots of clean water about its resting points. The water in the pot must be refreshed after appropriate intervals.

  • A daily Wash is beneficial:

Washing soothes your dog, esp. in hot season, as this is the quickest source of cooling your pet’s body. Having lost discomforting heat, your dog breathes relatively at ease.

If you have made above arrangements, consider your dog has been once again restored to long-cherished playful ventures.

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