Why Does My Dog Hump

You might have watched on media several acts of humiliation in public. A dog humping your leg in public is indeed a spectacle that can put you in embarrassing situation. There is nothing wrong with the act in itself as it is a natural urge, only the concern arises over its perpetration in public.

Causes of dog humping:

  • Power trip.

Humping is usually attributed with sexual acts. To a dog, humping is an expression of outpouring sexual desire or mere display of potency. If a dog happens to hump over a flowerpot; this is simply a display of his occupation over the poor pot. Same feeling lurks on his mind while he humps you anywhere on your body.

Dog Humping Why Does My Dog Hump

Regarding display of political supremacy, any dog would love to drive other dogs of the pack. However, most dogs that do not command a control over pack or have been excessively domesticated may vindicate their urge through humping just as do the humans in masturbation.

This can be evidenced in a pack of dogs prospective for mating a female, only the most potent is given the approval, while the others are reduced to linger on so as to pose copulation not do actually. If we ponder over the issue in a realistic manner, we shall discover that the desire is equally present in humans also.

While passing through the characteristic heat cycle, a chemical named ‘serotonin’ acts in the brain and drives the dog crazy with the sexual urge. Resultantly, your dog reacts in a bullying manner toward discharge of sexual heat.

  • Sex trip.

When a dog is going through a life without a sexual partner, humping serves him a masturbation equivalent that may at times releases him — he may reach climactic orgasm culminating in gushes of semen, sorry for the indecency of the language but it is what actually happens right out there.

To dogs that have been castrated, a potential loss of sexual organs even does not prevent them from conceiving the reminiscences of the past sexual ventures. Castration is by no means the final panacea of this dilemma. A neutered dog takes some time to acknowledge that his potency has been lost.

‘In a number of cases, dogs who were neutered years ago, have been found mounting intact dogs and showed normal performance other than impregnating.’

However, it has been seen whether dog or human, if the sex organs are intact, sexual urge will be high. Some infrequently, female and neutered dogs have also been found in the act of humping. All these behaviors depict that nearly all the species of dogs are used to arousing by sexual thinking.

Preventing your dug from humping?

There is no guarantee that an incessant taming will absolutely prevent a dog from humping, after all it is an animal.

1. Neutering:

Neutering does not ensure a cease in humping. However, it brings appreciable decrease in the production of testosterone hormone round about 60%. Even this tendency is relative from dog to dog; some may experience a decrease in desire while others don’t.

2. Training:

At the most, what you can do in your own is to convince him with repulsive gesture to avoid the act in public by uttering a stern “no”. “Dog-Master Interaction” programs may be of some help in this regard. These programs may inculcate in your dog the realization not to hump his master rather anything else in the backyard of the house instead.

However, it needs a patient training. There are tons of professionals online that can help you because they offer services such as PUPPY SOCIALIZATION AND TRAINING. It won’t be possible to scrape out completely the idea of sex from the mind of your dog. It is just a change of attitude in a certain setting — a way of habit formation for securing respect.

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