Why Does Eye Twitch

Myokymia, commonly referred to as “Eye Twitch” occurs because of involuntary muscular contraction / squeeze of the eyelid, usually the lower one. The exact cause being unknown, an eye twitch is believed to take place in hours of extreme stress.


Eye twitching, or myokymia, is an involuntary eyelid muscle contraction that usually affects the lower eyelid. Eye twitching may arise out of following known factors:

  • High caffeine intake,
  • Fatigue,
  • Excessive squinting.

Prolonged engagement on reading a book or working on a computer may result in twitching as well.

Eye Why Does Eye Twitch

If you encounter an eye twitch over the course of hard work, consider it a sign that your body needs some rest, especially your eyes. Under the normal circumstances, you are relieved of the twitch after your body undergoes a thorough sleep during most part of the night. However, there is nothing to worry if it persists in the morning; sometimes adamant twitches may last even for a couple of weeks.

Two-eyes Twitch:

Twitching of both eyes is a probable symptom of blephorospasm, a condition commonly found in chronic form in women above 50 years of age. Blephorospasm is sometimes characterized by several coercive eye closures. The probable causes will again be likely ones such as stress, too much TV watch, fatigue or exposure to bright light. Another probably cause that needs to be mentioned is that uncomfortable lens, but you can easily get rid of the same with the help of comfortable pair of lenses. To dilate an eye twitch, application of relatively warm squeezes would be advisable followed by a gentle massage with the help of index finger, as if applying an ointment will bring desirable results. However, an eye twitch exceeding three (03) days may be relieved by administering following treatment: -

  • Over-the-counter (oral),
  • Topical (eye drop),
  • Antihistamines.

Severe Forms:

The above medication may not treat the ailment comprehensively, but it is warranted that it shall considerably contribute to soften the muscular stretches making a twitch relatively less aching.

There is another more virulent form of twitch called ‘hemifacial spasm’. It goes far out to affect eating or speaking even. It is the product of inflammation of the nerves present in facial region or it may be caused due to some grave neurological complication.

The treatment may involve inoculation and medication purported at muscle relaxation. If you happen to find any such symptom as of a complicated eyelid twitch, don’t delay to contact an eye-care professional for minute examination.

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