Why Does Diarrhea Burn?

There is nothing else that can ruin one’s day worse than diarrhea. Although it seems to be a fairly common occurrence to people of all ages but a dreadful information is that diarrhea can lead to death. A survey conducted by World Health Organization shows that 3.5 million people die of diarrhea every year. Close to 80% were deaths of children. Kids are more vulnerable to diarrhea complications and they easily get dehydrated.

A person suffers from diarrhea when he has an uncontrollable watery bowel movement. In its acute form, diarrhea can continue for five to ten days during that point a person will have lost a lot of water. Diarrhea is a result of a cramp in the abdomen. Many times a person gets this uncomfortable burning sensation in the back. Although for most children, diarrhea is a result of fever and chills.

diarrhea Why Does Diarrhea Burn?

What causes diarrhea

It is known to most of us that germs are the principal cause of diarrhea but there are actually many others causes. It can also be a virus or a parasite if it’s not because of contaminated milk. There are high chances of it being a virus because viruses are one of the biggest causes of diseases. But fortunately, most viruses can be prevented by wearing a face mask (which you can avail at accumed.com/n95-mask-for-sale-respirator-safety-face-mask-z1.html). But the more serious cause is Crohn’s disease; it’s when the intestines swell due to some unknown reason.

Other possible causes of diarrhea are abdominal surgery, stomach cramps and celiac disease. A research also reveals that fresh milk and artificial sweeteners could stimulate diarrhea. But diarrhea always comes with a burning feeling around the anus.

The burning sensation down there

There is nothing which is actually burning down there. This all starts when food makes its way through the gastro intestinal tract. The body secretes acids and enzymes for breaking down food into molecules so it can be easily digested by the small intestines. When food reaches the small intestines, they are finely ground looking like soup. The food is also full of enzymes. Enzymes never stop acting on food throughout this cycle. Enzymes start to die out when the food is absorbed and waste is practically left. This usually takes place in the large intestines.

When a person is suffering from diarrhea, the intestines moves faster than normal and the food in it also moves twice as fast as it is supposed to. The liquid food in the small intestines passes quickly through the large intestine because it is liquid and out of the exit. The enzymes run after it and that’s why the sufferer gets a burning sensation around the anal tissue.

Red pepper causes a burning sensation too

Another possible reason why the person to have a burning sensation even without diarrhea is when the sufferer has too much intake of red pepper. Red or cayenne pepper has capsaicin. This substance gives hot and chili taste to the pepper. When red pepper is eaten, capsaicin is not easily digested and it resists digestive enzymes and therefore remaining intact. When the person poops, capsaicin rubs on the anal tissues binding with the pain receptors there. A signal is sent to the brain that makes the sufferer feel a burning sensation. For all the bad sensation it crates, capsaicin is a very potent antioxidant. It is full of vitamin E, magnesium and other minerals.

However, the funny thing about diarrhea is that sometimes it just happens without any reason. And when it does a day can be called off.

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