Why Does Blood Clot

Dracula’s are known to have feasted on clotted blood in Stone Age. This is what he can suck off your neck at the most other than he rushes back to his place!

A normal human body has 10.6 pints of blood, which is salty in taste. Blood cells include:

  • Red cells,
  • White cells,
  • Plasma.

The composition of plasma includes 95% water, remaining are different salts and other substances dissolved in it.

Blood Clot Why Does Blood Clot

How clot is formed?

Upon receiving a cut, blood gushes out of your blood vessels, either arties or veins. A comparative study of blood flow out of an artery or vein shows that an artery would let blood flow more vigorously as there is heart at the back pumping it to all parts of body.

Clotting of blood prevents loss of blood from our bodies. You might have noticed an encircling ‘knot’ after an injury that tends to form a clot of blood over the injured spot of your skin. If you have leg discoloration and bulging veins, you may be suffering from chronic venous insufficiency, read more about chronic venous insufficiency and the preferred methods to treat it.

Upon exposure to air the blood assumes quick coagulation. The ‘knot’ servers have two ends: first, it stops blood seepage; second, it prevents the naked parts of body, as after bruise, from contracting germs from out in the open air.

Platelets play an active role in the process of coagulation as they form the said ‘knot’ / clot immediate after blood-gush with the help of substance called fibrin. However, internal blood clothing is not considered a healthy sign. In such a situation a surgical advice is recommended.

Chemical mystery behind clotting:

Clotting, actually, takes places by the action of the enzyme, known as ‘Thrombokinase’, secreted by cut blood vessels. The action of enzyme is accomplished in the presence of calcium ions that turn a protein ‘Prothrombin’, found in blood, into ‘Thrombin’.

Finally, thrombin makes encircling layers of an insoluble material, fibrin, over the injured point. Fines deposits of certain minerals, esp. vitamin K aid in the process. If you believe that your injury was caused by other person’s recklessness, the personal injury attorneys from Hensley Legal Group can help you get compensation.

Clots fortifies against foreign (External) particles / bodies:

It is the presence of a clot that wards off the intrusion of airy germs into the blood stream via scraped off skin after injury. In spite of all that if any external body tends to find its way into the blood, it is forthwith attacked by White Blood Corpuscles which act as force deployed on a county’s boundaries. Any intruder germ is shot with munitions known as ‘Anti-bodies’ in biological terms. After their eventual death / inactivation, they are devoured by W. B. C. (White Blood Cells).

Removal of Clot:

In a given specimen of blood clot we can trace fibrin blended with plasma. Over the course of healing cells of body liberate a ‘tissue activator’ substance, called plasminogen, whose functions is to interlace body with the clot.

This can be understood with the example of mending a punctured tube — how a punctured tube’s surface is roughened before patch (clot here) is applied to cover the punctured spot.

The cells in the flesh actually play their part to convert said ‘plasminogen’ into ‘plasmin’ that forms the binding. When the process of healing is about to mature, plasmin reacts over fibrin and dissolves it to finally expunge the cloth.

Conversely, it is equally fatal if a clot happens to find its way in a blood vessel. Such kind of stricture is referred to as “Thrombus”. Particularly, if the clot appears in a vessel brain or heart area, it can prove extremely fatal —conditions referred to as “brain hammeradge” and “cardiac arrest” respectively.

The phenomenon, Thrombus can occur anywhere blood forms a clot. However, apart from its chilling consequences, the formation is an indication that the body’s feedback mechanism is in operation.

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