Why Do Whales Sing

Though they are more than a few animals and mammals found in the universe which becomes the centre of our attention most of the time. However, whales are very well unique among all of them. Do you know why whales are considered so unique and are they attractive enough to catch out attention more than any other mammal? Well, answer is very simple and understood; whales are very interesting because they have lots of amazing activities and features which pull towards you very easily. One of the most interesting facts about these mammals is that they sing very sweet. Yeah, it is really true and whales are very good in case of singing songs. Is not it too amazing and inspiring? Of course, it is… in the next section of discussion you will find out various facts abut why do whales sing and lots of other concerns about whales and their activities… just carry on…

Whales Sing Why Do Whales Sing

Whales and their singing:

Whales are very exceptional mammals because they carry out numerous unique activities. There are various kinds of whales which are found in the world. Some of these are most popular than others for instance blue whale, sperm whale as well as humpback whale. They are very wonderful creatures which are exceptional in their own. Now, let us talk about whales singing. How far your voice spreads around when you sing a song? It may be heard within some miles and even fewer without using any kind of voice amplifying instrument. It is very interesting to know that whale’s songs can be heard even across miles around them in the sea… it is truly unbelievable and very astonishing but true!

The Purpose of the So-Called Whale Song

What can be the basic reason which forces these whales to sing? Is there any sensible cause or is it just their habit to sing songs without any specific reason? Well, it is not without any motive but whales sing because they have a strong purpose to fulfill through their singing. Whales use their singing as a medium of communication among them in the water… well, what kind of medium you use for chatting and conversation? It really does not matter because whales use different kinds of sounds under water which re considered as whale’s songs. What will you do if someone can’t hear your voice and you need to talk to him? What should whales do if they can’t communicate with their fellow whales? This is the basic reason for which whales sing sound and sometimes, these sounds come up with huge density and strength that its vibration can be felt in the water. So, these are few reasons and motives for which whales sing sound or produce different kinds of sounds and we enjoy them very well. These interesting facts make out whales from other kinds of mammals which are nice too but not too intelligent and famous as whales are.

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