Why Do We Sneeze?

Sneezing is a natural process of pushing out harmful bacteria and virus that enters the body and multiplies themselves during the cold, allergic reactions or when dust blows out on the face.

Nose act as a purifier that cleans the air that contains bacteria and dust particles. A chemical called HISTAMINE is created as a result of inflammatory cells in the nose. The nerve endings send impulse to brain that something has entered that should have not. The brain sends a message to the chest to squeeze the lungs pharynx also gets shut down preventing the air being squeezed to the mouth. Nose expels the harmful particles with the blast of air that is called sneeze thus clearing the passage.

Sneezing Woman Why Do We Sneeze?

Same people sneeze in bright sunlight because of a reaction between the nose lining and ultraviolet rays taking place. This could have been inherited by a child from parents.

Using saline solution can reduce excessive sneezing or the nose can be held softly from the end.

Most people close their eyes while sneezing and others sneeze without closing their eyes. This is a reflex action of the body and it is not under the control of body. It is also said that closing eyes during sneeze prevents bacteria and germs, this is not true. It can be summed up that sneezing is sometimes good for the lungs because it clears the passage.

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