Why Do We Sleep?

If it is asked from someone why they sleep, they will probably reply that they are tired. If it is asked why they are tired, they will reply that they didn’t had enough sleep. This shows the importance of relationship between sleep and being awake, learn more at the kid sleep coach website.

The question arises that why we sleep. Can a person go without sleep working for a long time without health suffering?

Sleep is not a luxury but a requirement for the body. The body, mind and health will suffer without sleep. It is not possible to live without sleep.

There are varieties of reasons why people need sleep:

  • Sleep is a requirement for the body to recover
  • Sleep is a requirement for growth and development of the body
  • Sleep affects the process of metabolism
  • Sleep affects the ability of performance
  • Sleep influences the memory and the ability to learn
  • Sleeps has an effect on the mood of a person

Sleep and Growth

The body is not inactive during sleep. New proteins are synthesized, muscles are relaxed and energy is refreshed. The growth hormones that are a requirement for children are produced during night. Different hormones which effect hunger and weight are also affected by sleep. The body appears to need sleep to bring back balance and tune some processes. Many people that have difficulty going to sleep at night Buy CBD online as a natural treatment for their insomnia.

Sleeping Why Do We Sleep?

Sleepy and at Risk

Lack of sleep results in changes in the brain and behavior. This impacts the health, safety and intellect. The ability to learn and remember is affected by sleep deprivation.

According to research studies, children’s performance is affected after poor sleep during the night. Studies have also shown that more errors are made with insufficient sleep and that driving in a state of drowsiness is a major cause of road accidents.

We may not be aware of the reason why we sleep, although it is a fact that most of us have experienced the bad results of poor night sleeps. We will feel tiredness and may become irritable, have lose concentration and find difficult to perform even those tasks which are familiar. Our mood can be affected which can be a cause of emotional disturbances, which may result in anger, tearfulness, anxiety and depression. Longer term sleep deprivation may possibly result in psychological problems such as depression. Some of this symptoms can be reduce with other alternatives, CBD is one of them, now there are different methods to use it,  and products that carry the extract, learn more about delta 8 here and the benefits of it.

Sleep and Education

Sleep deficiency hampers learning ability and memory and has serious affects on students and children. Research reveals that children not ale to learn too much and are not able to perform better after a poor night sleep. Lack of sleep is a serious problem in older children and students often due to lifestyle factors such as social demands and the growth of internet use. Increased sleep shows improvement in performance and memory.


The need of sleep in children changes as children age. When a child reaches his teenage, the need for sleep decreases and research studies have shown that they perform better if they receive more early morning sleep and a later school start. Inflexible timetables mean that the body throughout life is being asked to fit in with work and school demands and challenging the automatic nature of sleep.

If left alone in a natural environment, it is suggested that an adult would sleep during the night and then have a further rest in the afternoon. By this, there would be enough sleep to meet the needs of our body and brain leaving us feeling healthy. Demands are created by the society which interferes with the cycle of waking and sleeping.

People of all ages need sleep for good mental, physical and emotional health. In addition, there are pleasures of a good night sleep and there are plenty of reasons why one should spend more time under the duvet!

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