Why We Have Pimples?

Many people have skin problems between the ages 12 to 25 and ‘pimples’ is one of the most common problem. It is very rare but new born babies can develop pimples between the ages of 3 to 24 months. Very few people at the ages of 25 to 40 continue to develop pimple. Usually it occurs on the face, neck, chest, neck, back and arms.

Pimples Why We Have Pimples?

Causes of pimples

1- Hormonal change

Usually pimples occur due to the hormonal changes in the adolescence and in young women during their periods. These hormones cause some changes in the appearances of the body. Some men and women are sensitive a type of hormone called testosterone. If you by any chance have a deficiency of this hormone, ask your doctor to prescribe the best testosterone booster as per your needs.

This makes the sebaceous glands produce more oil than normal conditions. Oil can get clogged in the skin pores which can cause whiteheads or blackheads. When the bacteria start growing inside these blackheads and whiteheads, they turn into pimples. Pimples have an inflaming and irritation effect which ruptures the walls of oil glands causing more pimples on the skin because bacteria and oil is spilled out. Some women get pimples because of hormonal changes during the menopause.

2- Diet

How to have a healthier skin? If healthy and nutritious diets like fresh fruits and vegetables, grains etc are not consumed, than this can also cause pimples. Excessive intake of eggs, denatured flour, white sugar or meat can also cause pimples. Pizza, chocolates and chips can make them worse. Wrong food habits should be avoided to avoid pimples. Natural diet consisting of minimum processed foods should be consumed.

3- Oily skin

Some cosmetics, creams, oils, hair products and dusty workplace can also make the skin oily causing pimples. Oily cosmetics should be avoided. Antibacterial non-oily face wash should be preferred. Face should be washed at least thrice a day.

4- Stress

Stress also releases some chemicals from the body. It can also be a cause of pimples.

5- Medications

Some medications like anti tuberculosis, anti-epileptic drugs, corticosteroids and birth control pills can also cause some type of pimples.

6- Dry skin

Dead dry skin can enter the pore clogging it forming a red bump. Dry skin is caused on the upper arms because they are generally neglected.

7- Less consumption of water

Some people drink less water than required amount. This causes dryness of skin which can result in pimples. Plenty od water should be consumed to avoid pimples.

8- Other causes

Some people believe that pimples can be cleared by sun bath but this is false. It can cause more clogging of the pores by making the upper layer of the skin thicker.

Allergic reactions because of shampoos, conditioners or other hair products can cause pimples on the scalp. Dirt can be spread all over the scalp by using unclean brushes. This can result in causing pimples on the scalp. A dermatologist or skin specialist should be consulted for better medications, medicated shampoos and conditioner.

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