Why Do We Celebrate Independence Day

Don’t you want to be free or having freedom? Well, who will not like to be free and living in an independent nation? This feeling is certainly important for us we really like the day when we got independence… there are many regions or countries in the world which were not independent since the first day but they were ruled by someone. Obviously, living a dependent life is too terrible and disgusting. It does not matter whether the ruler is good or not but freedom is the most important thing in our life in all cases. However, condition becomes worse when the ruler is cruel or dishonest with the nation and the region. United States was not independent from the first day and it got its freedom after many years. It was July 4, 1776 when the region got its freedom along with its declaration. This is called as Independence Day which owns an exceptional significance for United States and its nation. There are many memories associated with the day when people got freedom for the first time. It was like you achieve everything in the form of independence. The day is celebrated yet on every year with huge passion and joys throughout the country. Let us get some more interesting and amazing facts and historical point of views about why do we celebrate Independence Day?

Celebrate Independence Day Why Do We Celebrate Independence Day

The Importance of Independence Day:

As you read above, United States was not like it is now… it was ruled by ruler and was called as the United Kingdom of Great Britain. The day is absolutely important for the country as it gave relief to the whole nation and let them come out of dependent life. The day gave the nation the thought to live a life without any ruler and in the happiness and pleasure of being free. There are many significant studies and rich traditions linked with this day that it certainly makes out its imperativeness very well. So, it is really natural to have fun at this particular day with lots of joys and happiness all around. That is the basic reason for which we celebrate United States freedom and the whole nation is just too passionate about this Independence Day. People may never forget the bad time which they spent while being dependant and they would never like to spend similar life again. The celebration is another way to thank the day for which they got freedom in their lives and now they are having wonderful lives without any ruler. These are some very crucial facts which let us know why people of United States celebrate their Independence Day on 4th of July and what kind of feelings and passion they have for this specific day.

How people celebrate it?

There is happiness all around. Various political meetings and speeches are organized on the day jus to show the love and admiration for it.

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