Why Do We Celebrate Christmas

A huge number of events and celebrations are made every year around the world. There are hundreds or thousands of countries and religions found in the world. Christmas is one of these events which are celebrated on every year throughout the Christian community. Every event has some kind of history behind it and Christmas has the similar case. There are many motives for celebrating this event and some of these motives are described in next passages.

To memorialize Jesus’ Birth:

What is the basic reason for celebrating this event? Well, Christians believe that Prophet Jesus was given another birth on the same day. The day comes on 25 of December. This is the basic reason for which Christians like to make fun and pleasure at this particular day. So, they believe that Messiah was born at the day and it is the most sacred and important day for them to have fun and carry out diverse kinds of prayers throughout the day.

Celebrate Christmas Why Do We Celebrate Christmas

Religious event for Christians:

There are many kinds of celebrations which are made in different countries on different dates and months. Some of these events are based on national achievements and some of them are related to religious memories. When we talk about Christmas then it is surely a religious event which is celebrated throughout the world in all Christian community. It does not matter where they live or which country they belong to but every Christian is there to have fun at this particular day. Mostly this event is commemorated on every 25th of month of December but in some countries and regions, the same event is rejoiced on 6th of the month of January. So, every person who belongs to this religion is happy to celebrate the day just because of the thought and according to their religious perspective that Jesus was born at this day. So, the day is very well sacred and respectable for them and no one may ever think of turning down from this celebrations. Even people get prepare for the event many days before the actual one.

How Christians make fun at 25 of December?

Different events are celebrated in different manners and activities. While talking about Christmas, it would not wrong to say that this event owns exceptional importance for all those who belongs to this religion. No matter which country they live in but it is holiday every time on 25tho f December. The day usually comes on Sunday and people prepare for it in distinct manners. New dressings and foot wears and other kind of things are bought just to make the day more beautiful and obvious. Not just these preparations, but special prayers are made on the specific day in all churches throughout the world. People come from various homes and take part in these prayers to memorize the religious event in a better way.

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