Why Do Plants Need Water?

We all know that water is extremely important for the survival of all living things. There are many reasons that explain why water is needed by plants.

Water is like a solvent for the minerals that are present in the soil. The water enters the body of the plant after getting absorbed from the soil minerals. These minerals could not have been easily and naturally taken by the plants if they were in a solid state.

plants need water Why Do Plants Need Water?


Water is used for transporting the metabolic products from one par to the other part where it is needed. So it can be said that water acts as a vehicle of transportation.


It is a process by which plants make their foods. Besides this, water is a source of electron of this process. The process of photosynthesis involves six molecules of water that combine with six carbon molecules to form glucose and oxygen which are foods for the plant.


The stomata evaporate the water present in the leaves. It gives coolness to the plant in hot sunny days in a manner which is similar like us for getting cooled by perspiration. The water which is used in winter is stored by the roots. Water movement from the soil is very slow during cold days but the leaves lose water by wind in the winter too. The stored water helps in compensating the plant. If no water is available for the plant, then the tissues will start dying and the color of the leaves will turn brown. Evaporation is vital for the plant for the stomata to remain open for the intake of carbon dioxide.


Water is important for the turgidity of the plant. It is the pressure of water in the plant cells that are vital for the survival of plant otherwise it will hang down. Water is also importantly needed for the growth because it expands the plant cells. If you’re utilizing a greenhouse to store your plants and you noticed it requires some fixing, you can instantly search online for greenhouse repairs near me.

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