Why Do People Yawn?

People usually don’t breathe deeply whenever they are tired or not interested in a particular work. This is the reason for less intake of oxygen as compared to normal situation. More amount of oxygen is inhaled and more carbon dioxide is exhaled from the body while yawning. Research studies show that inhaling more oxygen and exhaling more carbon dioxide from the body does not decrease the rate of yawning.

The process of yawning prevents the lungs from collapsing and distributes a surfactant lubricating the lungs inside.

Yawning Why Do People Yawn?

Research also reveals that yawning occurs because of excessive work and it does not depend on the amount of the last sleep. Yawning sometimes happens when brain forgets to send the message to breathe in a regular rhythm. Yawning also prevents the breathe from becoming irregular. This is the reason that the brain is not working when the person is tired as compared to that time when the person was fresh and unexhausted. It also happens sometimes that when a person is getting bored he gives more attention to inhaling and exhaling process causing irregularity in breathing process.

Dr. Gallup along with his team is of a view that yawning is a process of the body for cooling the brain. There is a common superstition that the mouth should be covered while yawning so that the soul will be prevented from leaving the body through the mouth. Another belief indicates about some kind of danger in the coming future. Nowadays, people don’t believe in such superstitions. Human beings and animals both yawn. This can also be noticed in pets and some birds also yawn.

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