Why Do People Like Horror Movies

Fear is a kind of feeling or sensation that we experience when we realize that our own safety is being jeopardized. It has been observed that a peculiar kind of interest keeps us watching horror movies time and again how much even we get scared. This notion leads to a very ridiculous premise: perhaps we like being threatened!

The rush of adrenaline hormone brings the sigh of relief that makes being scared so much fun. When people are done watching these movies they feel unbelievable pleasure and relief arising out of the cathartic feelings they experienced as after identifying with any of the characters being victimized in the movie.

Actually, people who watch horror movies, happen to find themselves unconsciously in the situation the characters of the movie are put across. In their stream of unconsciousness at times they find their imagination gone wild and under the effects try to trace out possibility that something likewise could occur to them. Use this tv stand with mount to watch your favorite movies very comfortable.

Grudge Why Do People Like Horror Movies

They can recall what they felt good in the movie and try to connect that to their liking for the whole story of the horror movie. The mass release of emotion at the end of a horror movie is considered far more ecstatic than the moments passed in watching horror in its true depiction.

Apart from enjoying the movie aftermath sometimes the adrenaline secreted in high volumes remains long enough to leave its effects on the mind of those watching movies so much so that shrieking and covering behind ones seat was a thrilling sensation.

Particularly, for male human beings, the charm of horror movies lies in the ability to subdue a thing that is threatening, even though in real life it isn’t any more. The motivation resulting from the movie screen is so strong that they start feeling like the hero themselves who is going to protect his girl from the villain.

There is a class of people who crave for watching horror movies just because they find fun watching the savage, the atrocious, the wild, the gore and larger than life scenes with special effects — largely the camera tricks and the stunts etc.

Such weird people can even go in so far as to engulf whole sandwich while autopsy is in progress; they don’t seem to have any dignity there. To them the attraction is more of adrenaline; it is something that fascinates them and that is all!

The scholars opine that those who are used to watching horror movies must be qualifying the code, ‘they are happy to be unhappy’. This new approach to human emotionality manifests that the audience is exposed to both negative and positive emotions at the same time, i.e. people may enjoy being horrified, not just relief all the times but when the threat is no more there. As the authors would put it righteously, ‘the most charming moments of a given event may also be the most dreadful ones.’

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