Why Do People Lie?

Most people lie when they are in one or the other situation. This bad behavior of lying usually starts from the age of four or five years when we become aware that we can use the language of power to escape or influence a particular situation and it continuous throughout the life. Lying is deceptive but some say that it is a good method to influence, divert or control the feelings, thoughts, behavior and reaction of a person.

There can be many reasons why people lie:

  • Most people generally lie because they don’t want to be punished for their mistakes and they try to find one or the other logical reason to support their mistake.
  • Lying is not only to avoid punishment but also for getting approval from others. If they speak the truth than it is possible that they may not be accepted because the truth may not be suitable for the other person.

liars Why Do People Lie?

  • Many couples lie because they want to avoid conflicts. This habit is not only in couples but also in relationships like parent and child, brother and sister etc. The best way for avoiding conflict is to understand the other one as he can be correct in his own place.
  • A person can lie to get power of the other person or to show his supremacy. In this time of competition everyone wants to show himself as the best so he sometimes lies to match with the ideal image which is in the mind of the other person. It may also give the power to take decision for oneself and others.

There are also types of liars called pathological liars. There are many reasons why they lie which can be immaturity, to show off their high status or for getting sympathy and attention from others. They only have 20% of white matter in their fake story. This is the reason that they sometimes seem to be very natural and believable.

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