Why Do People Laugh

The universal language understood by humans despite of their race, cast, sex, color, age or creed is the language of laughter. Humans are born with the capacity to laugh and it does not need any learning.

The best aspect of laughing is that conscious effort is not needed in fact it is done unexpectedly. On some, instances, people do of course put up a fake smile pretending to be happy but that is an exceptional case.

Man Woman Laughing Why Do People Laugh

The laughter mechanism

Laughter is not only a source of uncensored insight into one’s unconscious but it also serves as a vent for pent up feelings, stress and grief. Although there is not too much known about the brain mechanism of laughter, but we know very well that laughter is prompted by sensations and thoughts involving the muscles of arms, trunk and legs.

A popular theory explains that laughter in humans evolved from the “panting” behavior of our ancestors. Sound is also produced by chimps and other apes under circumstances similar to those when humans laugh. Although there is no resemblance in both type of sounds. They show a panting sound and that is called “ape laughter” – believed to be the root of human laughter. Different animals also make sounds when they are happy but those sounds are hugely different and are nowhere close to the sound of human laughter. For example, rats produce high pitch sounds when tickled or while playing.

Laughter doesn’t for sure serve any purpose but it definitely serves one basic human basic instinct like socializing. Laughter acts as glue that bonds relationships. One important aspect is that laughter seldom interrupts speech or sentence structure, rather it punctuates speech. It can also be said that laughter is an instrument that helps to maintain continuity in speech and expressions.

Laughter is also used to send message to other people. It is usually positive but sometimes laughter is also used to send negative messages. That’s where the phrases “laughing at” and “laughing with” come into play. People laugh at others to either force them to conform to something or caste them out of a group.

Laughter is of course social but also contagious. People learn to laugh at a very early age of childhood and continue laughing till death. While science is trying to figure out the reason behind laughter but let’s forget out sorrows keeping ourselves happy by laughing.

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