Why Do People Have Nightmares?

Nightmares are bad dreams that disturb and wake people from sleep. They can vary from person to person but the most common nightmare is that a person feels being chased by the other. Nightmares develops different types of emotions, some feel sad, some feel angry and depressed people generally get frightened and feel anxiety.

People have nightmares for many reasons. They can be traumatic effects in their life for death of a relative or close friend. It can be a severe accident or some other shocking events. It can also happen due to certain medications or illness and can be the withdrawal of some medicines. Nightmares can be caused because of stress and tension. Other cause can be sleep disorders and excessive consumption of alcohol. Nightmares are common in children than adults. It can occur in the age of three and four or seven and eight. Nightmare is not a cause of worry for children because it is just their phase of growth and they are learning in this way to deal with fears and problems. Most of the times, they dream about animals. Some people experience nightmares that are totally not related to their lives and this shows that they have a good and creative mind.

Bad Dream Why Do People Have Nightmares?

Nightmares differ from night terrors. Night terror occurs in a stage of sleep called NREM. It causes screaming and thrashing in bed while nightmares occur in REM stage of sleep which causes fear and anxiety but not screaming or other symptoms that are in night terrors. Nightmares are not frequently remembered. Nightmare acts as a psychic relief and all the feelings and fear form the subconscious are expelled from the mind in the form of nightmares.

Nightmares can be prevented depending on its cause but if it is due to some medication than consultation of doctor is needed. Children require no kind of treatment. They can be convinced that it was only a bad dream and it has nothing to do with reality. This will be helpful for them.

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