Why Do People Have Dimples?

Dimples are usually caused due to a minor groove of skin on cheek and it can also on lower part of the chin because of the flesh present below. Dimples on cheeks give a cute look to the face. They can be easily recognized on some people’s face when they smile. They are a genetic trait. If one of the parents has dimples than there are 25% to 50% chances of child inheriting the gene. If both parents have dimples then the chances will be 50% to 100%. A person with dimples can be found easily in a a school, college, office or neighborhood. Dimples are considered very attractive in many cultures.

Dimple Why Do People Have Dimples?

Dimples make the face look cute and attractive for sure but it is a kind of birth defect which shows that malformations are not bad in every case. People having dimples have muscles which are shorter in length whereas the muscle size is normal in people who do not have dimples. Other parts of the body can also have dimples but they are not of importance as of the face. It is because the dimples on the face are easily visible.

Dimples can be often observed on the cheeks of babies but they disappear gradually as the child grows up because the muscle grows with age later coming to its normal size vanishing the dimples. Dimples change with the change in time as the muscles develop or loosen in the cheek.

Dimples are of different types on the face. People generally have dimples on both cheeks but in some cases there may be only one dimple on a cheek and no dimple on the other.

Some people may also have a dimple on their lower chin which is called cleft chin. It is not hereditary and occurs due to incomplete intermingling of both right and left halves of the lower jaw during the process of embryo development.

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