Why Do People Have Birthmarks

A person may have different kinds of signs on his skin after some weeks of his birth. These are called as birthmarks. Not all people have these marks abut usually a person has even a single birthmark on his skin. According to this pregnancy article there are many reasons which cause babies to have distinct types of birthmarks on their skin. There are many theories about why do people have birthmarks and why they are found and what is the basic reason for having such marks o newborn babies. Now, if you want to know about these birthmarks then you have to get insight in these studies and theories which are not just amazing but significant as well. At the same time, you need to know different shapes and kinds of birthmarks as well.

People Have Birthmarks Why Do People Have Birthmarks

What can be probable reasons for these birthmarks?

As you read above there are different studies which reveal distinct facts about why do people have birthmarks? One of these studies or realization says that a baby has birthmarks because his mother was eager about something but she was not satisfied with getting them. That is why the baby receives these birthmarks after some time of his birth. At the same time, some people also say that these marks may be appeared in the shape of thing or fruit which his mother was eager to eat. For instance, if she liked apples so much before her baby’s birth then his baby may have marks just like an apple. Or he may have marks which look like apple shape. It is not enough or all as there are many other concepts related to these symbols or marks. For instance, some people think that baby has marks on his skin because her mother was feeling awfully fear before his birth. These are different concepts regarding these marks but certainly none of them is too strong or prefect which ensures the presence of these marks. Let us get some theatrical perspective regarding birthmarks.

What Theories say about birthmarks?

Now, if we keep an eye on theories and assumption s then there are still lots of interesting concerns about these marks. For instance, some scientists think that there are many blood vessels which grow on the skin and eventually give birth to these marks. At the same time, other scientists feel that these marks are made up of cells which are developed from the vessels’ inner lining. It is not all because there are many other scientists who believe that these marks were developed inside however but inequity issues that control the pattern of blood vessels. So, these are a few concepts and theories about why do people have birthmarks and what are the usual causes for these marks. Let us get some adequate facts about the types of these marks.

Types of Birthmarks:

There are 6 different types of birthmarks. First is Café au lait spot which appears on birth and in the early infancy years. Second one is the congenital melanocytic nevus. It usually appears around the neck and on the head. Third one is Mongolian blue spot which does not have any particular shape. Forth is Nevus flammeus which appeared because of insufficient nerve supply in the blood vessels that grow on the skin. Stork bite is fifth type which appears usually on the forehead, neck, top lip as well as on eyelids. Strawberry mark is the 6th type of birthmark which appears mostly i.e. nearly 80%.

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