Why Do People Hate

What is the most terrible feeling while living the life? Well, it would not be wrong to say that we feel extremely poor when someone hates us or in the similar way when we hate someone. Do you hate someone? What can be diverse reasons for hating? And is there any particular reason for this behavior or is it just natural to hate people? These are different kinds of questions which let us think about why do people hate? Actually, there may be different motives for different behaviors and this is the same case when people hate. They have really distinct causes for this act. Let us find out the conditions as well as reasons which specify this concern in more depth that why do people hate?


What can be the most common and widespread reason for which people hate? What do you feel when your mom or dad or your loved ones give more care someone else rather than you? Can you tolerate it? Is it really pleasant for you or would not you hate that person who have created distances among you and your dears?  This is the usual reason which forces people to have negative or wrong feelings for others which eventually leave back hatred. This reason may bring up several other negative impacts not just for that person who have somewhat acted to create distances among you but this could also result in hatred for your loved ones as well. One you feel that your parents or family members or even friends are admiring and praising others you sometimes begin to hate them too.

People Hate Why Do People Hate

Political / Racial / Ideological Differences:

What other motives may become source of hatred among people? If you critically analyze then it will become clear to you that political situations and affairs may also offer hatred and abhorrence among people. For instance, politicians are very jealous to gain more admiration and popularity in the nation as compare to other elected officials. And in some cases, if they don’t find such popularity and esteem; they simply begin to hate other politicians who are somewhat better and popular as compare to them. This is another reason which may bring hatred with it. At the same time, if you find someone having distinct thoughts and opinions from you, then sometimes it also develop negative emotions inside and finally lets you think wrong or bad for other as a result of hate you do.

Religion and Business Matters:

There are many other conditions in which people tend to hate each other. For instance, people belonging to different religions are also found to hate each other for the differences in their religious norms and traditions. This is widespread as well. In addition, different business owners are also envious for each other. If someone gets peak or develops his business then other one may hate him for the status and respect he has got.

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