Why Do People Cry?

Humans and animals both have the ability to produce tears but the reason for tears can be different in both of them. Tear ducts are present below the upper eyelid which has the function of lubricating and protecting our eyes from dust particles. The tears produced by human eyes are of three types – basal, reflex and emotional.

Basal tear

These are known as the primary tears which are released regularly keeping the surface of eyes clean and lubricated. It forms a thin film with every eye blink protecting the eye.

Reflex tear

It is the tear produced when some dust particles or micro organisms enters the eye. The composition of these tears is different from basal tears. It makes the dust particles leave the eyes more quickly than the basal tears. It is usually observed while cutting onions or suffering from seasonal allergies. The eyes produce reflex tears to get rid of these sufferings. Onions have amino acids sulfoxides which is a kind of an organic molecule. After cutting the onion skin, a type of enzyme called allinases forms a mixture with sulfoxides to get sulphenic acid. As it comes in contact with oxygen, the eyes are irritated producing reflex tears.

crying Why Do People Cry?

Emotional tears

These tears are produced when a person is suffering from particular emotion like sadness, anger of sometimes happiness. Emotional tears also produced by eyes when we are physically injured because the body cannot differentiate between emotional and physical pain.

Emotional tears have more manganese which highly affects the body temperament also having a hormone called prolactin responsible for producing milk in the body. When manganese and prolactin is produced by eyes which decreases the tension and stress level making person feel better than before.

Women have more prolactin as compared to men. This is used for infant feeding and at that time women feel calm, sleepy and relaxed because of the release of prolactin.

Emotional tears are also one of the sources of communication, this is the way of communication for babies to inform their parents that they are either disturbed or in pain. Crying creates bond for adults with other person. Crying is a proof for others that the person is in extreme of a particular emotion like during sadness of funerals. Sometimes people also cry because of extreme happiness or getting an unexpected thing that he wanted desperately. Many people also cry after watching an emotional movie which is not shameful but shows that a person is normal and have feelings. Some researchers are of a view that people who cry more enjoy a good health.

It has not been proved till now that animals also shed tears because of emotional reasons but scientists have proved that humans cannot control their tears when they are in a situation of extreme emotion.

Women can cry more than men, this is not because of their higher level of prolactin but because their crying is more acceptable than men in the society.

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