Why Do People Cheat?

People enter into a relationship to know each other and at the same time they also enter into a commitment that is based on love seeking happiness in life. It does not matter whether happiness is blessed because of marriage and kids or some other significant to spend their life, all relationships have problems. A 35 years old married couple did not struck several bumps on the road. What special makes their relationship last while other don’t is a tough question to answer because there are a lot of factors that are involved. Cheating is one bad act that disturbs a relationship making it unhappy.

There are several reasons which suggest why people cheat. The biggest reason is opportunity and unhappiness. Relationships are built in trust, love and sincerity. Sometimes two people forget to communicate which causes unhappiness. When an opportunity comes along to talk with someone about our problems, we usually do so but it does not always lead to cheating.

No Cheating Why Do People Cheat?

First of all, cheating should be defined. Cheating can be going to a date with someone while having a relationship at the same time, having sex with another individual or a conversation that the other is jealous of. It is for an individual to decide the meaning of cheating. We will concentrate on cheating as a sexual act for the sake of this article, those that are new to sex should also get their first sex toys as they are a brilliant way to learn those new experiences.

Those people who cheat with sexual act are often of two types. Those people who prey on another’s needs to satisfy their own and those who had not meant to cheat but circumstances evolved before anyone remembered to say no. Those people who prey on another’s needs are usually out for satisfying their desires in the bed and are not willing for an important relationship. Those people who are married pose a safe way for those who don’t really wish to be tied to an individual. Those people who cheat accidently are guilty when it is over. The reason could be too much alcohol and an attraction to another individual that leads to the act or one reason could be so much pain that they seek some sort of release.

Some individual who lose their loved one may seek outside relationships from their marriage because of no longer communication with their partner. This could be a result of a relationship or marriage long over but no longer has the strength to say that it is over. It is hard to hurt a person we have loved or one we are still in love with but not the same as we had once did.

Those individuals who fall out of love may seek other relationships while still being married because they need a fulfillment but don’t want to hurt the feelings of the other person. This is of course faulty thinking because the other person will hurt more because of betrayal rather than ending the relationship. It still remains a mystery to a large degree why people cheat. The feeling why people betray someone by cheating rather than ending up a relationship is a question which is still not answered. There can be many excuses but in the end, they don’t matter as much as the pain which is caused.

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