Why Do People Blush?

Scientists are still not able to find a definite answer why people blush but some theories are very common about this.

The sympathetic nervous system activates the fight-or-flight response, embarrassment and blushing. An action in out body is created automatically because of this system, it can also be said that involuntary actions happen that are not in our control. People not only bush because of embarrassment but also because of drinking alcohol or when they are aroused sexually or feeling angry.

Blushing Why Do People Blush?

The Adrenaline hormone causes blushing because of embarrassment. It increases the breathing and heart rate, the pupil of the eyes are widened, the digestive process is slowed down and dilates blood vessels for more transmission of oxygen and proper blood flow to the muscles preparing you for quick action. The chemical transmitter called Adenylyl Cyclace sends signals to veins present in our face. The adrenaline starts working causing cheeks to redden that proves to other that we are feeling embarrassed. It also has a negligible effect on the veins of other body parts or it can also be said that the person may not blush if the adrenaline is not affected. Blushing can be rarely seen on the neck, chest and sometimes on the legs. Blushing can become the non-verbal apology of one’s mistakes.

According to a psychologist, blushing is only a response to unwanted social attention. It starts at childhood and is at the essence during youth and then decreases gradually with the age.

Blushing cannot be avoided but by relaxing and taking deep breaths the embarrassment situation can be passed with light mood like laughing. Blushing is not a cause of worry because it passes away with the situation. Blushing can also be observed in blind and deaf people, blind people blush more easily that the people blessed with sight.

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