Why Do I Have To Pay For a Domain Name

Well, many people ask this question as why they have to pay for a domain name. There are several different reasons for paying for a domain name. Some of them are given below:

To Pay for Expenses

The very first point is that the service isn’t free and there are several things involved than just names. In order to keep a domain, registrars are assigned that supervise the entire process. The main duty of these registrars is to make sure that the name must not reduce to IP addresses. All these things require a proper supervision and may collapse otherwise.

Besides these registrars, there are certain other people whose job is to make certain that the service remain active without any issues. These are the few factors which make it inevitable to pay for domain name, learn more about wordpress hosting at the link.

Pay For a Domain Name Why Do I Have To Pay For a Domain Name

To Maintain the Service

Besides for paying expenses, the other major reason is that the name you choose for your domain name is not free of cost. Although, you may have the feeling that the name you have chosen is all your creativity and is therefore all yours by right. However, this is actually not the case here because the name you use for your domain is basically provided you on rent which means that you have to sign a contract specifying the span of time you want to use it.

Then, for that specified time, you pay and the name is all yours by right for that specified time. Once the contract ends, you will have to decide whether you want to extend the contract or not. If you quit then the name will be given to any other willing party.

To Avoid Duplication and Chaos

By paying for a domain name, you can avoid a lot of problems and issues as well. Suppose, you are using a free service and there is no check and balance of things then what will happen? There will arise ownership issues, one name is used for several Web addresses etc. All this leads to duplication and chaotic situations.

Certainly, if you don’t pay for the service, the results would be havoc. For instance, if there are 100,000 web sties having Microsoft.com as domain name then it become extremely difficult to find the Microsoft’s official website.

All this chaos and duplication can be avoided only if you pay for the service.

To Avoid Squatting

Another advantage of paying for a service is to discourage squatting. Squatting is quite common these days where people pay for a domain name but don’t use it. The purpose of paying for the domain name is to take benefit of the name recall. As the name chosen by them is popular, so people visit those pages and found nothing except links to ads. And for every click the owner gets money.

Another reason for which people buy the domain names is to sell it later on higher price.

Points to Remember

  • Domain names can be made or chosen from the ones already available. However, it is important to find out why actually you want to have a domain name either you want to share or upload photos or want to have a personal online place to hang out with friends. We prefer in that case you go for any social networking sites which are absolutely free.
  • Always choose easy to type and small name for your domain. Don’t go for long names. Choose something informative as well.
  • You need to have a proper knowhow about the market situations as prices differ a lot. Always go for the best suitable choice.

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