Why Do Feet Smell?

The odor in feet is basically caused because of the bacteria that react with sweating feet. It may be amazing to know that bacteria always live on the skin regularly. It can be asked why other parts of the body do not smell like the feet. The reason is that the feet nourish the bacteria with the sweat because more than 250,000 sweat glands are present on the feet. Moist socks and dark environment further provides favorable conditions for the bacteria. This is because bad smell is experienced while removing socks or shoes form the feet. Find out the possible causes of body odor here https://emeraldspa.com/what-causes-body-odor/.

Feet of some people smell more than others because more sweat is produced in their feet and subsequently more bacteria react with it causing more smell in the feet.

Feet Why Do Feet Smell?

Bad smell in the feet can be decreased by using clean and dry socks which should also be changed at least once on daily basis more sweat means more bacteria and more odor. Feet should also be cleaned properly with anti-bacterial soaps which reduce the sweat killing the bacteria. The shoes should also be dried properly in the air before using them for next time. Shoes would be worn that are more ventilated and breathable. Leather is a good absorbent that keeps the feet dry making few bacteria. Leather shoes should be preferred. Instead of using nylon socks, socks that are more absorbent should be used. Finally, antiperspirant should be used on the feet. A doctor can be visited if the feet smell is really strong, he can give better prescriptions to get rid of the odor.

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