Why Do Feet Itch?

Feet itching is a feeling of tickling or irritation. This can be felt on the whole body or it can be on a particular area. When itching will be felt, most people will start scratching the affected area but some can tolerate the itching to a certain level. Itching can be more due to some distractions and the skin is slightly warm than the normal state. This is one of the reasons that more itching is felt during night. Itching is felt in most of the skin diseases. The itching which is caused because of stress or emotional reason is called psychogenic itching.

Foot Itch Why Do Feet Itch?

Here are the most common causes of foot itching:

Athlete Foot

This is a disease which is a type of fungus that causes itching in feet. It also causes redness on the affected area giving a burning feeling to the person. Excessive sweating by wearing improper or uncomfortable shoes can also cause athlete foot which is also called ringworm. Scratching on the affected area may break the skin and it can spread to nearby parts. Creams should be applied and feet must be kept dry and clean to avoid this disease. Socks should be changed at least once a day and anti-bacterial soaps can also be helpful to prevent the disease.

Dry skin

Dry skin causes feet itching. Red or flaky patches are produced on the heel and soles of the feet. Therapeutic ointments for cracked skin and creams and lotions should be used to deal with the problem. Skin moisturizer and socks should be worn overnight. Comfortable footwear should be used.

Other reasons can be:

Foot rash: This is an eruption on the skin of foot.

Contact Dermatitis: It is caused when the skin reacts with some irritant.

Feet can also itch because of reaction to certain drugs, eczema or any type of allergy.

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