Why Did Vietnam War Begin?

A series of events sparked the outbreak of Vietnam War. A Vietnamese nationalist, Ho Chin Minh studying in America, wrote to the president of United States to emancipate their country from French domination during the start of 20th century. US government for the time being due to some diplomatic reasons ignored the petition. However, the US government reviewed its policy of isolationism and contacted the man at length whereupon it was committed that America would help Vietnamese liberate from foreign rule after they would have helped US against Japan, which they did. Regretfully enough, the US government, following on her devilish code ‘… we violate the principle when our national interests are at stake . . .’ did not keep her word and turned a deaf ear to the one time committed deal.

Vietnam War Why Did Vietnam War Begin?

This mean attitude that was highly unbecoming of a country of a stature of US caused the Vietnamese to unite under Minh to rebel against both their foreign rulers, the French and the States as well. The event led Vietnam sign the pact, S.E.A.T.O. that got translated into a bipolar antagonist arrangement: North and South Vietnam, former a communist while the latter turned into a democratic regime.

United States with its capitalist Europe based satellites regarded the expansionism of the so called “Godless society” — the communism as a great threat to their typical western capitalist ideology after the culmination of World War II and the concern further grows when the Chinese communist forces get sway in the civil war by the end of 1949. It was with the advances made by the French in Vietnam at the end of World War II that the United States got quite apprehensive to contain the communist wave from spreading to other countries of the world. This realization contributed a great deal of concerns in America to provide southern Vietnam with resources and weaponry under a possible threat of its being taken over by Ho Chi Minh’s forces.

The intervention of States caused the host country to harbor a tug of war between northern and southern forces, resulting in huge native casualties on both sides while the US casualty rate was quite low. Vietnam War 1959 that continued over one and a half decade is considered one of the lethal combats fought after the great wars during the 20th century. Surprisingly enough, United States, who had been adhering to the policy of ISOLATIONISM for centuries since its inception, indulged or maneuvered to indulge in six wars just in 20th century at strategic scale in addition to numerous other campaigns at tactic level including a long drawn period of Cold War afterwards under the sham notion of fighting communism then and terrorism now after the disintegration of USSR.

During the last decade of January’ 1973, Vietnam signed the Treaty of Paris. The terms of the treaty demanded:

  • a forthwith release of US prisoners of war from North Vietnam with a subsequent withdrawal of US troops from South Vietnam;
  • a cease-fire between North and South Vietnam.

Finally the formation of a new form of government kept receiving military and economic aid ni South Vietnam for rehabilitation and reconstruction.

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