Why Did the Spice Girls Break Up

There are lots of show buzz these days about Spice Girls disbanding. No doubt their albums sold over some 60 million copies, rendering them one time the most successful bands in the world of music. Regretfully enough the group got disbanded while it reached zenith of popularity.

Halliwell at odds:

To some people the disbanding process proper started when Halliwell abandoned the group in 1998 on account of depression or personal issues with the members of the group, said she. No doubt the other members continued for sometime, their major plans, however, got off the track. Sudden withdrawal of Halliwell’s invited a great deal of media attention.

Spice Girls Why Did the Spice Girls Break Up

Exact cause of the differences has never been known. The main cause of abandonment seems to be Halliwell’s decision to part. After her departure, the group constantly witnessed a decline.

Pursuit of Solo Careers:

Media person sometimes comment that there was no way to prevent them fall apart. As a singer, it was very natural for every member to get experience of development as single artist. While other members of the group encountered the rising success Halliwell as solo, they would have definite aspired the same.

There is nothing new in the idea of parting. Many other bands such as the Eagles and the Beatles fell apart on the same grounds. Professional rivalry was not so significant. May be other members had independent intentions to pursue any wider.

In a group, one could perform only those types of songs that fans liked. A solo can, however, try other musical options also. Breaking with group provided each member the opportunity to assert their individuality in the world of music in novel ways.

Professional Jealousy

It is speculated that there have been certain differences in members. Print media claims that Halliwell abandoned in view of her desire to show that she could alone do it at her own or may be there was some fighting among them.

It is alleged that as they became more popular, the girls started to compete with each other. As with other bands, it’s said that the differences were also due to financial disputes.

Financial turnover of the group was millions of pounds. Negotiation about profits may have been a cause of breaking. Others cement their claim that it was largely the money. It was an allegation that the girls might have offended each other about popularity.

2007 witnessed the girls’ reunion tour. Though a success in the beginning, it terminated abortively for unspeakable reasons.

Unless the girls themselves let the cat out, the actual cause of disintegration will remain an enigma for the audience. However, their position in the realm of music will remain unique.

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