Why Did the Pilgrims Leave England

While looking over the history of England, we can see that there were pilgrims who finally leaved the country. Now, there would be several conditions and reasons for them to leave the country and find out some other region to live their life. Before, we carry on find out these causes which forced them to leave the region, let us first determine what a pilgrim is and why is called so? A pilgrim is a person who lives his life just according to his religious norms and paths and he devotes all his life just for his religion. So, pilgrims of England had the similar story which will be revealed in the next section of discussion.

Pilgrims Leave England Why Did the Pilgrims Leave England

Pursuit for Religious Freedom:

As mentioned above, a pilgrim is a person who wants to live his life according to his religious rules and orders. That was the basic reason which offered England pilgrims to get out of the region. They truly wanted to leave the land just because they were not finding out enough space for them in the region where complete religious norms may be applied well. They were actually separatists from the Anglican Church. One of the most terrible things they noticed was break from the Catholic Church which happened in 1535 but it was not enough and there were more things to come out. Let us take another example worse example which forces pilgrims to find out new region for them where they apply their religious rules in a better manner. For instance, they further noticed that the Anglican Church carried out another big misdeed while substituting the king as the religious head rather than a pope. What else can be expected more? They eventually realized that England is going away from the religious norms and soon it will become awfully dreadful for them to tolerate such deeds again. That is why they planned to say goodbye to England forever.

Are England Pilgrims the same as the Puritans?

Before pilgrims, Puritans left England for the same motives i.e. to get enough freedom to live their life in the way which is according to their religion. However, Puritans were also nonconformists and furthermore they accepted only the revealed word’s authority. No doubt, both groups were fighting for the freedom of living life along with religious norms but still they were quite distinct with each other or you can say that lots of differences exist among them. The major difference among them is that the Pilgrims were separatists. And they were truly breaking off from the Anglican Church. If we talk about The Puritans then they never planned to leave their mother church. That is why they did not left it at all but tried to purify the church from such kinds of orders and misdeeds. However, Puritans were more prepared at the time of settling the new found region.

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