Why Did the Patriots Win the Revolutionary War?

You must have heard that wars are won by the passion and fervor not because of weapons. When we look over the past Revolutionary war then it is clear that patriots won the war well. Now, there are several reasons which force them to stand up and fight for their independence and they did so and eventually won the war. Let us get some more factual concerns about why did the patriots win the Revolutionary war?

Revolutionary War Why Did the Patriots Win the Revolutionary War?

Inspired Leadership:

What is the key factor which helps you win some cause or aim? Which thing helps the most to attain you want to obtain? When the war began then all patriots were not gathered on the same platform even some were not willing for the war and they wanted to remain the part of Empire. However, there were still huge patriots who were willing to get back their independence along with full fervor and ardor. And it was certainly their number of troops which blessed them with the victory but it was their obsession which forced them to bring out their voice to get their rights well and to live in an independent country. However, a number of troops were preparing for the great day when they wanted to get independence from Empire. It was not just the amount of groups but there were several other factors which helped them chase their goal in a better manner. Or instance, they got excellent leadership characters that did a lot for them. There were several personnel who acted like leaders as they enhanced their skills well to be fully prepared to do anything for their land and for the independence of their whole nation. At the same time, knowledge with the terrain helps them a lot to know what their actual cause is and how they may get success in their aims and ambitions. Through this knowledge, they got distinct plans to overcome the on hand rulers and then they acted on their plans in a wonderful way.

Fighting for Freedom:

It was not the case of acquiring territory only but there were so many causes as well. For instance, Americans were passionate to get their right to live their life in the essence of freedom and independence which filled their hearts with huge passion and spirit and they finally got succeeded. Conditions were becoming bad now and now British begun to tease the nation in different manners. For instance, they started taking diverse unnecessary taxes and charges on the people and they certainly made it impossible to live anymore. These situations aroused and brought out the inner enthusiasm of colonists and they realized that now it is truly vital for them to get their independence. So, freedom was another major motive for Americans to fight and stand up for not just their land but for their independence as well.

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