Why Did the Civil War Happen

There were in fact many reasons, which led to the Civil War on the American soil.  There were so many differences between different classes and cultures which brought them to massacre innocent and common people.

Business Rivalries

During this era the state was going to expand its boundaries.  So, they need to make coalition with other states, which brought them to controversies.  The northern part of the states was the main area where industrialization was going to flourish.  They wanted to take advantage of that so they demanded to increase tariff rates.  They were scared that imported products would result in loss of revenue and employment.

This statement was opposed by the southern states area.  They were not much industrialized as the northern states were.  They were heavily dependent on imports especially from Great Britain.  So, this was one of the reasons why the Civil War happened because of tariff rates.  The south was bitterly opposed to it because an increase would result in increase of poverty.

Civil War Happen Why Did the Civil War Happen


Slavery was another bone of contention, which led to the Civil War.  There were large number of states who wanted to eliminate slavery.  The Black people who were being slaved did not own property and they have number of restriction.  They did not have equal rights as other nationals or races have.  They were humiliated by the white due to slavery.  The northern part of states wanted to eradicate slavery.

The southern states were of the opinion that that labor was needed for work.  Their business was heavily dependent on agriculture.  They need a heavy labor force for agriculture work.  This may be one of the factor which led to the Civil War happened.

The Mexico Issue

Mexican-American War was the major conflict driven by the belief that the American had God-given right or destiny to expand its borders from ‘sea to shining sea’.  This belief would eventually cause a great deal of distress or misery of many Mexicans, Native Americans and United States Citizens.  The south wanted the lands and the Mexicans to be enslaved as well.  The northern states opposed this idea of occupation and enslavement.

The Secession of the South

In 1854 the Congress passed a law the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which gave states the right to chose slavery or not.  Abraham Lincoln popularized this in election of 1860 and won large number of votes and became first president of United States.

The southern states didn’t accept Lincoln as a President, as his policies were for the eradication of slavery.  A month after Lincoln’s election, South Carolina withdrew from the Union.  They were followed by other southern states.  This was another one of the reasons why the Civil War happened because of secession of the states.

The southern states called themselves the Confederate States of America.  The Union declared them an illegal move.

A Long and Costly War

The northern part of states had large number of labor power.  They were estimated to be 22 million, while the southern states only had 9 million.  While 85% of manufacturing and over 70% of the railroad labor force belonged to the northern states and they gave them great advantage of manpower.

The southerners on the other hand had the advantage in military personnel.  Additionally, they felt that they were fighting a just war.  Their feeling was that when they seceded, Lincoln would no longer be able to dictate to them against their wishes.  While the southern states believed that they were fighting for independence and liberty.

Thus all of the above factors were the key areas as why the Civil War happened.  At last, Lincoln and the Union won the war.

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