Why Did the Archaeopteryx Become Extinct

There are more than a few studies which reveal that archaeopteryx have been recognized during many years. It was probable because of innovation of frequent near fossils of the living things. It further lets scientists to settle on and decide about its essential qualities and activities

What about the Physical Appearance?

When we talk about the appearance of archaeopteryx then it was around a foot long from the beak to the tail. However, it was not too heavy and it had weight of just 400 grams and had a wing length of around 1.5 feet. After getting such information from this creature, some scientists believe that the through descendant of modern birds. However, there are a few differences as well which somehow differentiate archaeopteryx from modern kinds of birds. For instance, archaeopteryx has teeth. As well as its chest area was flat and each wing had three claws. However, if we talk about its fingers then they were a bit small as compare to its body size. Its tail was lengthy and thin as well.

Archaeopteryx Become Extinct Why Did the Archaeopteryx Become Extinct

Is there any similarity with Birds and Dinosaurs?

Different facts which have been discovered about this creature reveal that it has feathers. Its size was same just like of a crow. However, studies have conflicts whether it was able to fly or not. Those scientists who believe that it might fly also say that it was not able to fly enough. No doubt, it had many similarities with modern birds however; it has similarities with dinosaurs as well. What did make it look like dinosaurs? Well its teeth as well as some bone make up were enough to make such similarities.

Now, these diverse similarities with birds as well as with dinosaurs create a bit unclear look and it becomes quite difficult to decide which evolutionary chain this creature belongs to. Scientists discovered its similarities and a solid connection with birds as well as dinosaurs but still there are some more studies. What these studies bring out? These theories further say that it was not limited to just birds and dinosaurs but its similarities may also be find out with reptiles. Well, it is really too amazing and strange.

What to say about Behavior?

We talked about the appearance as well as size and similarities of this creature now it is time to talk about its behaviors. One of the finest theories about their existence says that they were there during the Jurassic Period. If calculations are made then it is around 150 million years ago. It was actually a carnivore that feasted on relatively small animals. At that time, flying dinosaurs could be found out very easily but this creature was living within its own region.

While watching its feet structure, it reveals that it stayed just near trees or hovering there. All these facts and others which are under discovery certainly bring out lots of information about these creatures and the way they lived.

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