Why Did Satan Get Kicked Out of Heaven

Identified by many titles such as Lucifer, Beelzebub, Satan and the Devil and so forth, Satan is most probably one of the powerful opponents who opted to declare an open battle against God Almighty. The account of his downfall from paradise is an integral part of the Christian theology.

It is very hilarious to mention that the Satan was once upon a time, one of God’s favorites. As an angel of an elegant grace and charm he was held to be among the glittering stars in the heaven. Satan was chosen by God to take His decree to the people as Gabriel and Michael were doing.

Satan  Why Did Satan Get Kicked Out of Heaven

The Fall of Lucifer

Actually, the Bible does not dictate exactly when the Devil fell, the account, however, can be cited in Isaiah 14:12. It reads:

“How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!”

This verse was written in the King James’ Version. Later editions have substituted Lucifer with King of Babylon, the morning star and the like. However, at the time of Satan’s fall from Heaven, the title “Lucifer” must have been got in vogue synonymous with “Devil”.

The Time Period

No exact mention of time is given therein as to when Satan proper fell from Heavens. As a matter of close approximation it may be traced at any point in the prehistoric time line.

It is mentioned in Job 38:4 that God had created the angels before he made the planet. It meant that the Devil was already present there. However, in Genesis, the Devil had already been brought down, unraveling, as it is said, was in the guise of a serpent. Therefore it can be inferred that the cast down occurred after the creation of the angels. Nevertheless, it must have taken much before the departure of Adam and Eve out of Eden.

A conversation between God and the Devil is also related in Job 1:6. There is no specific date given though as to when Satan was cast down from Heaven, it is speculated that it had already occurred. Job’s story had been occasioned prior to Adam and Eve’s fall. Despite  the possibility is that the Devil was yet allowed to visit the Heaven. The interaction with God also made it evident that the Devil was at large to move back and forth amid earth, hell and heaven.

Consequences for Man

The circumstances behind Satan’s fall cast vivid effects on mankind. The Devil enticed Adam and Eve and led them sin. He also influenced King David to commit sin (1 Chronicles 21:1). To date, many Christians maintain that the Devil and his minions wander about the earth. Their mission is to stray men and women away from God and ultimately push them into Hell.

Among Christian scholars the time of Satan’s fall has always been open to debate. The believers, however, understand that his presence is revealed and his influence requires to be sternly checked.

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