Why Did Martha Stewart Get In Trouble

The Martha Stewart verdict is an outrage. The case itself characterizes government of the day — an institution that is at large to meddle with any walk of your life, free to form the rules as it pleases, free to facilitate prosecutors to earn reputation for themselves in hi-fi cases without any inconvenience, regardless of the harm they inflict.

Martha Stewart has earned name in different kinds of jobs such as that of an author, magazine publisher and television host. Moreover, she was also a very brilliant business entrepreneur. She set up Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia that led her excel in trading, publishing and broadcasting. Those who desire to learn more about this immensely flourishing and leading figure, following is a gist at her bright life history with special focus on why Martha Stewart got in trouble:

Martha Stewart Why Did Martha Stewart Get In Trouble

Involvement and Conviction in a Stock Trading Case

Now, why did Martha Stewart get in trouble, the issue gained the public attention in the closing phase of 2001, when she marketed all of her shares of ImClone. Just a day after that landmark decision, the worth of the stocks fell substantially by some 18 percent. Later in the coming months, she encountered huge enquiry from the media agencies. Consequently, in October 2002she had to resign as a member of the New York Stock Exchange board of directors.

The authorities in States impeached her on different counts in June 2003 levying charges such as stalling justice and securities’ embezzlement. Afterwards, she deliberately relinquished her seat as Chairwoman as well as Chief Executive Officer of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Nevertheless, she kept acting as the Chief Creative Officer of the body. Her trial proper started by October, 2002.

By March 2004, the court declared her responsible for many charges, viz. passing misleading statements to U.S. federal investigators, impeding an agency proceeding and the intrigue. In July 2004, she was awarded her verdict that featured conditional release for a couple of years’ period, a five-month detention in a federal correctional service. On top of that, the sentence also pronounced a home confinement for about five months.

In September 2004, she began her prison in term. She was detained at West Virginia’s Alderson Federal Prison Camp by October 2004. The court yielded to her appeal in March 2005 that set her free under the condition that she would remain under home detention minimum for a period of five months. Moreover, she was asked to pay a fine to the tune of $30,000/-. In August 2006, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission decreed to settle the civil law suit against Stewart.

Other Significant Details About Martha Stewart

In view of her multifarious accomplishments, “Ladies Home Journal” dubbed her as America’s third most influential woman. Having served her hours in confinement, she was formally released by March 2005. She also performed in hit TV Shows such as “The Apprentice: Martha Stewart” and “The Martha Stewart Show.” In 2005, under her headship, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia published the cookbook entitled “Martha Stewart Baking Handbook”.

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