Why Did Japan Attack America

The US had to enter World War II after Pearl Harbor attack. There were, in fact, many grounds of the Japanese attack over States.

Economic Problems

The conflict was largely of economic nature. Actually, Japan’s population was burgeoning at a drastic speed. There was insufficient food supply. The Great Depression in the States further aggravated the issue. A large fraction of Japanese export was sent to US and due to the Depression the demand plummeted. Despite of there being exponents of peace, certain coterie of the statesmen began considering an expansionist policy there.

Japan Attack America Why Did Japan Attack America

The American Embargo

The aggressive interaction began by 1931 when the Japanese usurped Manchuria (China) in addition to Indochina and other territory. Partly the reason, why Japan attacked America, had a lot to do with the export restriction. Since Britain and her satellites were busy ousting Hitler in Europe, they were unable to guard their colonies.

In collaboration with the States they opted to impose an embargo that included prohibiting all kind of steel and oil shipment. They played havoc with the creeping economy. By 1941 the Japanese resolved to capture the oil fields in the Dutch East Indies. The sole hurdle was the US Naval fleet holding in the Pacific. Consequently, Pearl Harbor was bombed on December 7, 1941.

Alliance with Germany

A few chroniclers posit that the war between the two nations was unalterable. By September 1940, Japan signed a defensive treaty with Italy and Germany. Meanwhile the US entered into the Lend Lease Act with Britain in 1941. Therefore, one of the grounds of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was its alignment with Germany.

Inevitability of War

Some are of the opinion that the Pearl Harbor bombing occurred due to the obvious inevitability of war being considered by the leadership. The pressure on the US to support the Britain and the oil and trade embargo were just the precursors.

When the Japanese seized Chinese territory, President Roosevelt did not attempt to hide his displeasure. Suspecting lest the US should shield the other European colonies, they planned to attack first. If looked from this perspective, the reason was to attack first in an inevitable conflict.

Japan Attack America 1 Why Did Japan Attack America

Conquest of Asia

Another reason may be that they wanted to perpetrate in Asia what Hitler had done in Europe. In 1930s, the Japanese navy was the most powerful in Pacific Ocean and the command was convinced that the Europeans won’t be able to guard their colonies as the American had resumed their policy of isolationism and they were victimized by the Great Depression as well.

With Hitler’s sway in Europe, there remained nothing but the belief that they would win in Asia. The only apparent hurdle was the US forces’ presence in Pearl Harbor.

Why Japan attacked America: the reasons were multifarious and complicated. There is still some debate and research going on the issue. One thing is, however, clear that the attack was a great historical change because if it didn’t occur, the World War II might be a quite different story.

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