Why Did Hitler Hate the Jews

As a sovereign state, Germany would not put up with Jews anymore like any other country in that era. A feel of great resentment was hatching among many nations of the world during that time against the Jewish people that predominantly emerged out of their religious stance. This feel of hatred developed not merely because the Jews did not hold the Jesus as their Messiah.

A core root cause of this annoyance from the Jews was that Jesus Christ had outwardly forbidden monetary lending and dealings. So from the dawn of history many Christians had to access Jews to borrow and so on. During Hitler’s regime, the world had just recovered from the Great Depression during which many Jews had enjoyed successful and privileged status unaffected by the wave of depression.

Hitler Why Did Hitler Hate the Jews

To Christians it was rather easier to imagine the Jews as avaricious and greedy folk getting a lion’s share of their hard toil. Hitler with a clear vision planned to appeal the masses by using Jews as scapegoat and purge the nation of its pitfalls by exterminating the Jews. After cease-fire of the World War-I, the Treaty of Versailles was concluded that deprived Nazis of their submarines, put a limit to its army to mere 100,000 and ceded three indispensable territories of resource to adjoining states.

The next generation of Germany was raised under the persistent impediment on their right of self-assertion as an independent being with sanctions of every kind imposed JUST on them all around. While it remained the acknowledged fact that Hitler was a fiery orator who would take away with him all the sympathies and loyalties of German people through his charismatic public deliberations.

After the termination of the Great War, Hitler himself began to garner extreme hatred against the Jews for he staunchly adhered to the notion that the Jews were the real operating force behind Communism.

It was much like the theory of conspiracy, Hitler was being suspected upon having an intentional involvement in the notorious Judeo-Bolshevist Conspiracy. Germans themselves had been victims of suspected Communist oppression particularly the 1933 mysterious burning of Reichstag Building, unresolved to-date!

A communist named Marinus Van Der Lubbe was known to have been found inside the said building, but this evidence won’t do ample! Nevertheless, Hitler best exploited the evidence to assail the leadership for the Germans were afraid of the fire; to them the building fire was symbolic — a foreshadowing of a communist take over.

Hitler was eventually successful to seize supreme powers of the state while considering the communist outlook of the Jews, firmly enforced a totalitarian despotic regime having wielded a greater measure of powers in his appointment on the sham plea of quelling the possible communist threat.

Hitler eventually diffused all political opposition and banned communism. According to Hitler there was no line between communism and Jewish beliefs. Hitler convinced the Nazi party and the German people that Bolshevism and Jews meant the same thing.

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