Why Did Carol Burnett Sue the National Enquirer

Born on April 26, 1933, Carol Creighton Burnett is an American actress, singer, comedienne, writer and dancer. She began her career in New York. Having secured a hit on Broadway, she made her debut in television. Having successfully performed on The Garry Moore Show, Carol shifted to Los Angeles and started an eleven-year run on The Carol Burnett Show that was aired on CBS television from 1967 to 1978.

A multi-talented individual, Carol Burnett was also a highly successful performer. Having roots in vaudeville, The Carol Burnett Show, which lasted for at least 10 long years, being a variety show featured comedy sketches, song, and dance. The comedy sketches entailed film parodies through character pieces. She was able to create several appealing characters in the TV show.

Carol Burnett Sue Why Did Carol Burnett Sue the National Enquirer

Below is a flash back at her memorable life and career with an insight in to “Why Carol Burnett sued the tabloid National Enquirer”.

The Reason Behind the Lawsuit

The question as to why did Carol Burnett sue the National Enquirer: In 1981, she registered a lawsuit against the tabloid for defamation. Over the course of the same year, the newspaper was said to have reported how she was found drunk in public.

As per report, she was quite touchy about that specific issue in view of her parents who had had health issues regarding alcoholism. This was great news in the realm of media. The issue was a landmark case, esp for celebrities who were susceptible to defamation and untrue reporting.

The case was decided in her favor in which the court rewarded her $1.6 million as reparation. However, subject to the tabloid’s appeal, the court curtailed the verdict to about half the original amount, particularly reducing the grant to $800,000. Finally, an out-of-court agreement was settled among the parties involved.

Later on she gave a fraction of the award to the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California in Berkeley. To her, the motive behind the move was to educate the students of journalism the outcomes of false reporting and defamation against media figures. According to her, principle was one of the primary factors that motivated her file a case in the court. She was indifferent to winning or losing.

Additional Information and Other Interesting Details About Carol Burnett

An immensely acclaimed celebrity, Burnett went on to become the Grand Marshal of the 84th Rose Bowl Game as well as 109th Rose Parade in 1998. A year after, she earned the credit of being one of the first honorees of the prestigious Back Stage West Garland Awards. In 2003, having reached 70, she was awarded with the Kennedy Center Honors. In November 2005, the then-President George W. Bush awarded her the highly prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom.

By November 2007, the Public Broadcasting Service or PBS held her as one of its leading subjects in the documentary “American Masters.” One of the most swaying celebrities of her time, she was awarded a spot at the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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