Why Did Astrology Start

Many people know their sun signs such as Leo, Virgo etc. There may arise questions as to the origin of astrology.  When you put your future in the hands of a psychic or astrologist, maybe it is. But there’s a big difference between the two types of supernatural soothsayers, and, trust us, they don’t like you getting them confused.

“An astrologer uses a horoscope (a chart of the location of the sun, moon, and planets) based on the precise date, time, and location of the native’s birth and/or a “Horary” chart cast for the moment of the question,” says astrologer Shelley Ackerman, a columnist for The Aesthete.

Meanwhile, veteran psychic Marie Mannino says as an intuitive psychic and medium, “I start out centering myself prior to the reading and meditating a little bit and I always start with a prayer and I ask for guidance through God and through my guides so I work from a pretty high source.” Mannino says she is also clairvoyant and interprets things through sounds, feelings, and intuition…as one does. Learn more at the news from The Herald Net.

Following are some of the ongoing propositions on the topic:


Exact dates regarding the origin of the discipline are not known. There is no doubt in maintaining that ancient people attached a great deal of importance to the stars and their trajectories.

Ancient people greatly depended on agriculture for their food. Due to this fact, the early man discovered the worth of noticing the variations of the seasons, rain, sunshine and other heavenly events. By the passage of time, man learnt that the stars and planets had an influence not only in his sustenance but also in his social bearing as well.

Astrology Start Why Did Astrology Start

The Earliest Practitioners

The timeline of astrology approximately dates back to some 3,000 BC in Mesopotamia. The existing records, however, allude to the Chaldeans and Babylonians as the earliest in the West around 1,000 BC. Different systems appeared in India and China.

We don’t know when the Zodiac signs originated. One hypothesis says that they emerged in Babylon. With the democratization of the practice, the Zodiac symbols got in vogue to facilitate the explanation of certain facts. It’s been proposed that the certain fundamental elements also developed therein. The practice also became immensely popular in Egypt as well.

During the Medieval Age

Astrology would stand the waning of the Greek and Roman Empires. With the emergence of Christianity, it was greatly flourished. It was partly because the astrological annals got mixed with the Kabbala and Christian mysticism. Therefore, the papal authorities had to acknowledge its divine emergence and significance.

In addition to the Church depending on astrologers, nearly all the royal courts fashioned to an astrologer. Astrologers were greatly sought people. They were asked the appropriateness of time to wage war, taking major decisions and note of good or bad omens. With them developed the fortune telling industry. During the Age of Enlightenment even astrology remain popular like ever.

The 20th Century

The idea was carried by the Europeans to Americas. From 1900s through 1950s the want for astrological practices witnessed a continuous increase. The strength of professional astrologers multiplied.

By 1940 the history of astrology underwent a revolution with the advent of the magazines, newspapers and books being commercialized. Since then the newspaper horoscopes are commanding the public popularity in view of every laymen’s attaching importance to this column.

Show biz figures also believe largely in the anticipation of astrologers. Astrological business received global boost with the onset of Internet. Internet facility now offers people online charts. Internet software can help a lay person to perform calculations about his fate very easily.

The burgeoning Internet industry has also triggered probe in the Chinese and Vedic (Hindu) variants. The ever increasing popularity of astrological practices are all influenced by these variants.

Throughout in the past till to date astrology has withstood criticism. Inspite of fundamental questions to its legitimate status, astrology is being relied in practiced by millions across the globe. So if you’re interested to know what the stars entail for you, check out cheap psychics.

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