Why Coke From A Glass Bottle Tastes Different?

The taste is not different. This is what the spokespeople of Coca Cola say. They insist that the great taste of Coca Cola is same regardless the package it comes in. Rather they say that the particular way people chose to enjoy their coke affects their perception of taste. Many people agree that cola is delicious and refreshing and pouring it in a glass and serving while chilled influences the flavor. It is also possible that some variation in taste because of plastic bottles or aluminum is just a psychological effect.

The formula is always the same. A food chemist named Sarah Risch says that while packing, food companies work to prevent any interaction that can occur. The polymer that lines aluminum might absorb little flavor from the soda.

Coke Why Coke From A Glass Bottle Tastes Different?

The best way for getting the pure taste of Coke is to drink it from glass bottle. Coca Cola maintains strict uniform regulations in processes in their factories world-wide. Its exposure to light and shelf life can also affect its taste. It can be a possibility that packaging might interfere with coke’s flavor but people will continue to buy it over the New Coke.

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