Why Cats Bite Their Nails?

Cats are notorious for biting their nails, an instinctive urge also detected in human beings. The main causes attributed to this peculiar cat trait are reflexes of mental stress, anxiety, nervousness etc. However, this habit is not of persistent nature.

Cat Biting Nail Why Cats Bite Their Nails?Common observation may encounter such spectacles in humans as biting nail when suddenly made to stop while one was at the verge of perpetrating an act. This can be understood in a situation where one is about to cross the traffic signal and the red light turn on immediately. In such an abrupt pause, the perpetrator would normally have to bite nails in most of the reckless or better restless cases. If the “being” constantly remains under stress and occupied engagements, he is very much forward on the way to acquire spontaneity in the act. Same experience is featured in the nervous habits of a cat with a relatively higher degree of rawness. These nervous habits characterize a sort of IMPULSIVE behaviour. A survey has unraveled the causes of grooming the skin in cats to be chiefly based on the factor of anxiety. In other words, when anxious, a cat may intuitively go either way: nail biting or skin grooming depending upon the neural reflexes’ path she has been mostly used to from the time she was a kitten.

Experts indicate that nail biting is a common feature in cats and is a normal trait found in almost all cats of all breeds in the world, so there is nothing worth worrying. This is a very natural tendency because the nails of the cat grow in tiers both lengthwise and in thickness. So in order to keep a sharp set of nails, a cat would bite her nails both ways. If you care about animals, you should definitely follow Nuts for Mutts. They will teach you the importance of having a healthy and playful cat in your home.  According to their recent post, they ask the pet owners to keep a scratching post in the room to prevent their furniture from damage inflicted by sharp nails. However, if it happens to bite its nails beyond the normal limit or there are resultant injuries, the case may be referred to a veterinary expert for advice and treatment.

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